Looking for eCig News? Announcing the New Home for Vapor News

Perhaps you noticed a slight change on the front page of Steve K’s Vaping World.  All the news items are gone.  Fear not!  I haven’t gotten out of the e-cigarette news commentary game. Rather, I decided to split the news out to its own site to help keep everything from getting so jumbled up!  All […]

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October Giveaway – Win a sweet V-Scope starter kit from TECC

Hey everyone!  It’s contest time again.  This month I’m giving away a sweet V-Scope starter kit to one lucky winner.  You can check out the review I did on it right here. Pictured is the brushed version, the one I’m giving away is the shiny chrome version.  I’ve opted against sending e-liquid as part of […]

30% off Sitewide at Vapor4Life

V4L is currently running a “Friends and Family” sale. The whole site is 30% off to celebrate their 5th year in business.  Just visit Vapor4Life and use the coupon code OFF30 when you check out.


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How to get a Vape Merchant Account

This is a guest post by Molly Reynolds from Vape Payment Insider.  As always, the opinions expressed in guest posts are those of the author.  Want in on the guest post action?  Drop me a line. Now may be the perfect time to open a vape shop, or launch a vape web store. The vape […]

MadVapes Coupon Code: 10% off Batteries (All Kinds) 4

MadVapes has put out another coupon code. This time around, the discount code is good for 10% off all batteries.  This includes both external batteries as well as other kinds of batteries like eGo batteries and so on.  Just use the coupon code scarybatts when you check out. You know what to do, Click here […]

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Magma RBA accessories

Lava: Magma Clone by Infinite Review

Ok, I admit the title of this RBA review is just a little bit awkward and wordy.  Mostly comes from the fact this is a clone of a rebuildable dripping atomizer from Paradigm called the Magma. They’ve wisely started calling the device the Lava instead of the Magma. Infinite is the maker and does a […]

Kids at Vape Lounges, Asking for Trouble?

I recently saw a post on Facebook or one of those things people are into on the Internet these days. It was a bunch of shots for a vape lounge opening somewhere in Middle America.  In that image, there was the obligatory flat screen TV and XBox 360 setup. So far things sound normal, right?  What […]

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Clone wars

The Clone Wars: What do we Think of Copycats?

There’s no denying that we live in a golden age of personal vaporizers and mechanical mods. The market is full of devices of every kind of size, shape and function.  We’ve come a long way from the simple e-cigarette just a few short years ago. In no small part, we can thank the incredibly creative […]

Pro Series 3 – a Review of V2Cigs’ New Triple Threat

V2 Cigs, is expanding its offerings with a new lineup of advanced vaping devices called the Pro series.  Like many traditional e-cigarette companies, V2 sees the importance of offering more than just traditional e-cigarettes (they have had some smaller refillable setups for a while like the EX).  However, the first entry in the series, the […]

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TECC V-Scope review title image

TECC V-Scope Review – Simplified Advanced Personal Vaporizer.

TECC (or The Electronic Cigarette Company) is a UK-based offshoot of Totally Wicked.  The company offers a fairly wide selection of vaping products from basic, to the more advanced like the subject of this review.  The V-Scope is actually a sort of simplified version of an advanced personal vaporizer.  Read the review below to find […]

Vapor4Life: BOGO on EVERYTHING! (9/26/14)

Here’s a pretty sweet deal that’ll be hard to pass up.  Vapor4Life is running another BOGO (buy one get one free) sale.  Unlike before, however, this one is good on every product on their site. From basic kits to the awesome Vapor Zeus, you can get a second one free.  This deal does require you […]

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Cana DNA 30 APV Review – Hardcore Box

I’m a fan of Mt. Baker Vapor and I buy my all day e-liquid flavor in impossibly large bottles from there.  The company has started branching out from liquid into hardware and sell several advanced vaping devices.  This review is for the Cana DNA 30 box mod, a device I have to confess I’ve been […]

Zemo Cigs Basic Kit Review

Zemo Cigs was kind enough to reach out to me recently and offer up samples of their basic starter kit and disposable e-cigarette for review.  The gear is of the traditional e-cigarette variety. It actually seems like these models are becoming more rare as the traditional brands are scrambling to get on the midrage e-cigarette […]

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30% off Sitewide at Vapor4Life

Vapor4Life is currently running a fall sale.  You can get 30% off across the entire store on all products.  Just use the coupon code FALL30 at checkout.  Better hurry though, this sale will be out of here fast.  The sale expires 9/23/14 Click here to hit V4L and save.

Ron Reviews: My Liquid ID

The list of E-Liquid manufacturers is growing at a phenomenal rate in today’s vaping world and they are all struggling to be unique and create their own special niche within the market place. While some companies will concentrate on special segments of the market like NET Tobacco or chocolate and coffee flavors, most e-liquid menus […]

LiquidID Review