Dumbest eCig Hatchet Job to Appear in a UK Paper That Isn’t the Mail

When Rachael Lloyd took up vaping, she thought she’d stumbled across a miracle alternative to smoking. Little did she know, her ‘friendly’ e-cigarette was actually damaging her health – as the World Health Organisation is now starting to realise… The World Health Organisation has recommended that e-cigarettes be banned indoors Photo: ALAMY When my local chemist told me to stop vaping immediately, or risk seriously damaging my health I thought he must be having a [...]


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Innokin’s First Mech Mod iTaste 134 MX-Z (Zodiac) Hands-on

You know the mechanical mod craze has taken hold when just about everyone makes one of these simple devices.  Add Innokin to that list as they’ve recently rolled out the iTaste 134 MX-Z fully mechanical mod.  Since this is Innokin we’re talking about, you know there’s going to be some unique stuff going on.  Check […]

Awesome Deal: 25% off Mods and RBAs – MyFreedomSmokes

MyFreedomSmokes just announced a sweet coupon code deal.  Now through August 28th you can get a killer 25% off their selection of RBAs and mods.  The RBA and Mod section contains not only mechanical mods, but it also seems to include APVs as well.  Time to pull the trigger on something nice for yourself.  Just […]


Big Tobacco Continues to Lose Ground, But the FDA Will Pick Them Up

Big Tobacco is finally making its big push into electronic cigarettes. AFP/Getty Images Big Tobacco is finally making its big push into electronic cigarettes. Altria Group Inc. and Reynolds American Inc. together have captured about a quarter of convenience-store sales just weeks into national rollouts of the battery-powered devices. In a surprising development, though, e-cigarette sales are falling at these traditional retail outlets, reversing three years of rapid-fire growth. That raises questions whether Altria [...]

WHO Wants Underage Sales Banned (and More, Always More)

E-cigarettes have grown in popularity, particularly among youths Geneva (AFP) – Governments should ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, warning that they pose a "serious threat" to foetuses and young people. The UN health body also recommended that the cigarette-shaped electrical devices be banned from public indoor spaces "until exhaled vapour is proven to be not harmful to bystanders". "The existing evidence shows that (e-cigarette) aerosol is [...]

E-cigarettes have grown in popularity, particularly among youths

Infographics: In 2003, more than a quarter million middle school and high school students never smoked regular cigarettes but had used e-cigarettes three times as many as 2011..

According to CDC, Smoking Involves Planning

Study finds youth who have used e-cigarettes are almost twice as likely to intend to smoke conventional cigarettes Infographics: In 2003, more than a quarter million middle school and high school students never smoked regular cigarettes but had used e-cigarettes three times as many as 2011.. More than a quarter of a million youth who had never smoked a cigarette used electronic cigarettes in 2013, according to a CDC study published in the journal [...]

Vapor4Life, 30% off EVERYTHING

I like Vapor4Life. If I have one complaint, it’s that their sales are confusing.  Some stuff will be discounted so much, but not other products.  Finally, they’ve decided to dispense with that nonsense.  During V4L’s end of summer sale, you will score 30% off everything no matter what it is!  It’s about time they kept […]

V4L DAV Connector

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Innokin Goes RDA – iTaste VF Review

It’s a no secret Innokin is one of my favorite e-cigarette and personal vaporizer manufacturers.  Even if some products are a little misguided, you can usually count on quality stuff with exceptional build quality.  Innokin mostly focused on advanced personal vaporizers and tanks. Until recently, that is when they rolled out a new mechanical mod […]

Japan Tobacco: No Plans for Expansion

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan Tobacco Inc is currently not interested in further acquisitions of vaporisers or electronic cigarette brands, its president said on Monday. Japan Tobacco, the world’s third-biggest tobacco company is poised to complete a takeover of Zandera, the UK maker of the E-Lites e-cigarette brand, in the next few weeks.     It also has a stake in Ploom, a U.S.-based maker of electronic pipe tobacco products or "vaporisers" with which it has [...]

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AHA Grudgingly Bends (a little) on eCigs

Published: This paper reviews the latest science around one of the newest classes of products entering the tobacco control landscape – electronic cigarettes, also called electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), providing an overview on design, operations, constituents, toxicology, safety, user profiles, public health, youth access, impact as a cessation aid, and secondhand exposure. Based on the current evidence, this paper provides policy recommendations in key areas of tobacco control such as clean indoor air [...]

Ontario no so Fast to Ban eCigs, Toronto wants Nuclear Option

LONDON, Ont. (CP) — Premier Kathleen Wynne said she won’t rush into a decision on whether to ban electronic cigarettes in areas where smoking is already off-limits. Her government will look into the issue, as should the federal government, she said after speaking at a conference of Ontario municipalities. "I think there’s research that needs to be done,” Wynne said. "I don’t think we have enough information yet.” Toronto’s board of health is calling [...]

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Cleveland Clinic Shares Positive Study with Dash of Gateway

The popularity of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) has outpaced available scientific data – especially when it comes to answering two questions: Are they safe? Can they help people quit conventional cigarettes? Now, a new analysis of 81 studies supports e-cigs as a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes, and there is some evidence that e-cigs may even help smokers quit, researchers say. More people using e-cigs This review article, published in Addiction , finds more people [...]

AVA Goes on the Offensive Against Gateway

If there was a device that helped smokers quit the habit — saving lives, reducing the leading cause of preventable disease in the United States and making life better for everyone — you would think public health officials would enthusiastically endorse it. There is such a device: the e-cigarette. And, indeed, some public health officials are embracing it. But far too many are spreading false statements about e-cigarettes, blunting the products’ ability to help [...]

e-cigarette news roundup


Get to Know Your Vape Vendor: VAPEREV

Welcome to the first installment of what I hope will be an ongoing series. In this series I will interview proprietors of various vape-related businesses with an eye toward being active to protect everyone’s right to vape. I had the opportunity to interview Celina Tompkins from a California-based vape shop and all around vaper’s resource […]

Ola X Review – Kicked up Midrange eCig Kit

I received an interesting midrange eGo style e-Cigarette called the Ola X from the folks at MJTech (see my previous review of the Sunfire). This company is still trying to break into US vape shops, but they are putting out some interesting products.  The Ola X is certainly an eye catching device and has some […]

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