WHO’s Statement a “Knee Jerk” According to Experts

Sunday 31 August 2014 HEALTHCARE professionals have warned that a culture of fear surrounding electronic cigarettes could be risking smokers’ health by putting them off switching to the safer alternative. Fears that the vapours from e-cigarettes may be dangerous have been rebuffed but WHO wants to ban them in public spaces Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Fears that the vapours from e-cigarettes may be dangerous have been rebuffed but WHO wants to ban them in public [...]

Fears that the vapours from e-cigarettes may be dangerous have been rebuffed but WHO wants to ban them in public spaces Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty

Lynne White, VIP head of retail distribution

Media Catches Wind of Diacetyl, More eCig FUD Stores to Follow?

E-cigarettes divide opinion Continue reading the main story Related Stories E-cigarette liquid bought on Tyneside contained a potentially harmful chemical, a BBC investigation found. Inside Out bought four liquid refills and sent them to a laboratory for testing. Three were clear but a fourth contained a chemical called diacetyl. It is used as a flavouring in foods and experts said while it was safe to eat it was not safe to inhale and had [...]

UK eCig Industry Group Wants Distance from Big Tobacco

Sunday 31 August 2014 WHILE the industry body claims the majority of electronic cigarette firms are independently owned, tobacco firms are increasingly pushing their way into the market. Many major tobacco companies are buying up independent e-cigarette brands, while some are developing their own electronic products, prompted by fears that they will miss out on profits if the technology really takes off internationally. Loading article content Just two months ago, tobacco giant Philip Morris [...]


Big Tobacco, Looking Out for The Greater Good

Ok, if you at all social media you’ve doubtless seen this one.  RJR, like most interested parties submitted comments to the FDA.  They helpfully recommend the FDA ban anything that’s the “open systems” that are currently eating away at the boring ol’ corporate tobacco ecigs. After all, who knows what those Chinese people are up […]

Oh Look, Another Exaggerated eCig Study News Story

Press Trust of India  |  Washington  August 29, 2014 Last Updated at 16:10 IST Add to My Page Alternatives to conventional smoking such as e-cigarettes may still pose a risk to human health due to over-use, a new research has warned. Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death worldwide, researchers said. In order to overcome this addiction, many people resort to nicotine replacement therapies. A recent literature review by researchers at the [...]

e-cigarette news roundup

e-cigarette news roundup

Dems Springboard Prohibitionist Agenda off CDC’s Irresponsible Report

Democrats called for more federal regulations of e-cigarettes. “If last year’s Centers for Disease Control report on the growing number of kids using e-cigarettes was a call to action, then this new CDC data on the marketing of these dangerous devices is the sound of an alarm,” a group of lawmakers said. ADVERTISEMENT Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), Richard Blumentha.l (D-Conn.), Edward Markey (D-Mass.), Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Jack Reed [...]

Labor Day e-Cigarette Sales Roundup!

We’re on the cusp of another Federal holiday here in the US.  In the vaping world, that can mean but one thing: Sales!  I’ll collect the sales I hear about right here for your convenience.  Of course, I can’t get them all, so feel free to add any you come across in the comments.  Yes, […]



WHO Behaving Badly: Free Speech Edition

by Carl V Phillips My previous post should have sat at the top of the page for the rest of the day, or two, because it is important (so please read it), but this is breaking news that I wanted to report on. As many readers know, the World Health Organization (WHO) came out this week with an attack on e-cigarettes which presages them trying to pressure governments into acting against e-cigarettes. CASAA has not tried [...]

Get to Know your Vape Vendor: Vapor Alley

Welcome to the second installment of Get to Know your Vape Vendor (GTKYVV?). This week I feature an interview with Rick Mulder of Vapor Alley.  I have to confess Rick and his operation have been a friend to this site for a long time.  Of course that made it easy to pick on him for […]

Get to Know Vendor VaporAlley


Dumbest eCig Hatchet Job to Appear in a UK Paper That Isn’t the Mail

When Rachael Lloyd took up vaping, she thought she’d stumbled across a miracle alternative to smoking. Little did she know, her ‘friendly’ e-cigarette was actually damaging her health – as the World Health Organisation is now starting to realise… The World Health Organisation has recommended that e-cigarettes be banned indoors Photo: ALAMY When my local chemist told me to stop vaping immediately, or risk seriously damaging my health I thought he must be having a [...]

Innokin’s First Mech Mod iTaste 134 MX-Z (Zodiac) Hands-on

You know the mechanical mod craze has taken hold when just about everyone makes one of these simple devices.  Add Innokin to that list as they’ve recently rolled out the iTaste 134 MX-Z fully mechanical mod.  Since this is Innokin we’re talking about, you know there’s going to be some unique stuff going on.  Check […]

innokin itaste 134 mx-z zodiac review title image


Awesome Deal: 25% off Mods and RBAs – MyFreedomSmokes

MyFreedomSmokes just announced a sweet coupon code deal.  Now through August 28th you can get a killer 25% off their selection of RBAs and mods.  The RBA and Mod section contains not only mechanical mods, but it also seems to include APVs as well.  Time to pull the trigger on something nice for yourself.  Just […]

Big Tobacco Continues to Lose Ground, But the FDA Will Pick Them Up

Big Tobacco is finally making its big push into electronic cigarettes. AFP/Getty Images Big Tobacco is finally making its big push into electronic cigarettes. Altria Group Inc. and Reynolds American Inc. together have captured about a quarter of convenience-store sales just weeks into national rollouts of the battery-powered devices. In a surprising development, though, e-cigarette sales are falling at these traditional retail outlets, reversing three years of rapid-fire growth. That raises questions whether Altria [...]