US Paper Quotes the FDA’s Crazy Cousin

The extra-crazy version of the FDA, also known as the Philippine’s FDA was quoted in a florida newspaper recently quoted the June 26th advisory from that FDA.  Among other things, the advisory warned of propylene glycol, since apparently their research review process hasn’t caught up to the 1940’s yet.  Otherwise it was your generic are e-cigarettes a secret plot kind of articles.

Are e-cigarettes healthier?

In June, the Food and Drug Administration in the Philippines issued an advisory, warning that e-cigs have not been tested and second-hand emissions could be harmful.

“E-cigarettes contain volatile substances, including popylene glycol, flavors and nicotine, and are emitted as (a) mist or aerosol into indoor air,” according to the June 26 advisory.

The story lead off with a correction that it had originally misattributed the organization that issued the advisory.  Since I didn’t see the article I’m going to go out on a limb and guess they thought it was the US FDA issuing the advisory. It’s an easy mistake to make since most articles out of the Philippines just call it the FDA.  I’ve almost done it myself, until I actually read the article.

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