$2.3 Mil. Study to Uncover the Obvious

The University of Illinois at Chicago is embarking on a study to learn more about e-cigarettes.  According to a news report on WGN, the university has a couple million dollars to figure out why people use e-cigarettes. Let me say that again. The university is going to spend $2,000,000 in a study to find out why people use e-cigarettes.

Chicagoans help on electronic cigarettes study

Robin Mermelstein, UIC health behavior researcher: “We know very little about e cigarettes. They are increasingly popular. So there is a desperate need for us to learn more about why people are using them, what they’re getting out of them and what people think about them.”

University of Illinois at Chicago health behavior researcher Robin Mermelstein and her team have been awarded a $2.3 million federal grant to investigate how young adults use alternative smoking products.

That’s a lot of dough to spend to discover what people tend to shout from the rooftops once they switch to e-cigarettes.  The study will also include Snus users as well, so I’m sure that adds more to the price tag.  The rest I guess they’ll spend on coffee and bagels for the research team.

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