ego vision v2 clearomizer

4 Wicks Beats 2 Stubs – eGo Vision Clearomizer V2 Review

ego vision v2 clearomizer


One of the more interesting entry in the flurry of eGo clearomizers and cartomizer tanks has been the eGo Vision. The eGo Vision clearomizers, sometimes referred to as the Stardust cartomizers are an interesting design.  The first generation of the cartomizers came out with little stubby wicks but suffered from that design.  The latest version includes longer wicks.  Read the rest of the eGo Vision Clearomizer (v2) review to find out if it’s helped.

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The latest offering in the Stardust family keeps the same unique silhouette as the original. The base of the cartomizer is the width of an eGo battery, but the last third of the body tapers up to about half the size.

The taper sort of gives the Vision a profile not unlike a beer or soda bottle.

ego vision battery connectorThe bottom of the cartomizer has a recessed battery connection to mate with an eGo battery. When perched atop of an eGo battery, such as the eGo Twist I used for this review, it gives the entire e-cigarette a uniform and sleek appearance.

On the side of the clearomizer’s tube are graduated markings indicating the amount of e-liquid on board.  The markings go up to 1.6 ml, but the eGo Vision can be filled past that mark to nearly 2ml.

The whole thing is topped off with a tip that resembles a traditional drip tip.  Except these tips have a post the extends beyond the top of the cartomizer, and they screw on to keep e-liquid from leaking.

This version is also available in a number of different colors. Of course the real changes are on the inside of the device.

The interior construction is mostly unchanged, featuring a heating coil assembly atop a thick inner tube.  The coil is capped with a silicone seal that covers the assembly and the wicks.

A new addition is a small brass tube that sticks up from the silicone cover and inserts in the bottom of the drip tip.  This seems to be designed to provide a better seal between the gasket and tip to prevent liquid from getting directly into the heating element.

In the place of the fat and stubby wicks are four thin wicks reminiscent of traditional clearomizers. This change addresses the biggest complaint of the original Stardusts.  The original design required the cartomizer be tipped often to insure the wicks stayed wet.  The result was more frequent dry hits as the liquid levels dwindled.

The new wicks extend all the way to the base of the eGo Vision clearomizer.  Holding the device horizontal is no longer a requirement with this design.

Using the eGo Vision Clearomizer

The new version of the eGo Vision actually performs as well as the original did.  Which is to say it is a pretty competent device.  There is great vapor production and throat hit.

The temperature of the vapor is cooler than you’d expect from a top-coil design, but isn’t bad.  Interestingly, I find the overall vapor profile to be more mellow than something like a Boge cartomizer, for example.

ego twist ego vision clearomizer v2It’s not that it doesn’t perform as well, it simply doesn’t have quite have that little bite I tend to get from the other cartomizers.  This can be either good or bad depending on your preferences.

There is one difference in the performance over the old version.  Lengthening the wicks was a good idea.  The old Stardusts would start petering out and giving dry hits with about 1/3 of the liquid still left in them.

The longer wick versions offer consistency through the entire cartomizer.  It does start to exhibit wicking problems when there is a small amount of liquid remaining in the tank.

Filling the eGo Vision is also the same as before.  Fortunately, this is a pretty easy task.  There’s a decent sized gap between the side of the tube and the center part. If one is careful, the clearomizer can be filled without a syringe by letting the e-liquid dribble down the side of the tube.

I’m not so coordinated, so I prefer to use the syringe (it’s also faster that way).  The key is to avoid getting liquid down the center tube while filling, lest the device become flooded and start gurgling during use.

Speaking of which, I have had zero issues with gurgling so long as I took care while filling.  Using the previous version of the Stardust, I did run into occasional gurgling issues.  It seems like the addition of that tube extension has proven to be helpful in this department as well.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

ego vision on ego twist end image

The second version of eGo Vision Clearomizer is not a radical update.  Primarily the changes were the addition of long wicks and a small tube extension at the top of the gasket. The original Stardusts performed decently, and this new version does the same.  However, the updates to the design eliminated a couple of the problems that plagued the originals such as dry hits and gurgling. This is a evolutionary update rather than revolutionary, but it makes for a pretty decent clearomizer.

You can get one to try for yourself at Vapor Alley.


  • Easy to Fill
  • Good performance
  • Attractive design


  • Adapter required to use on non-eGo devices
  • Vapor a little on the cool side
  • Proprietary drip tips


Product Name: eGo Vision Clearomizers V2
Available From: Vapor Alley
Price: $5.99 (on sale for $4.99)
Threading: eGo (510 with adapter)
Resistance: 2.0 or 2.4 ohm


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