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A Review – Smok Tech Bolt Personal Vaporizer

Smok Tech Bolt e-Cigarette Review

smoktech bolt review title image

There’s something to be said for simplicity.  While I’m a big fan of advanced e-cigarettes like the ProVari, there is something reassuring about an uncomplicated single speed personal vaporizer.  e-Cigarette manufacturer’s bare-bones Bolt e-cigarette certainly fits that description.  This review of the SmokTech Bolt will look at how well the device delivers on simple vaping pleasure.


The Smok Tech Bolt is a pretty straight forward 3.7 volt tube mod style e-cigarette.  The device is a two piece design with the entire unit splitting into two pieces a bit under half way down the center.

smoktech bolt review top halfThe top half features the battery connector and a simple semi-recessed plastic horn switch.  The switch has a solidly constructed feel to it.  There is a nice tactile sensation when activating the unit via the horn switch.

While the button does have a fairly stiff action, there is no discrete on/off safety switch.  Removing the atomizer or cartomizer from the Bolt is highly recommended prior to pocketing the device for travel.

The bottom half of the e-cigarette tube houses the battery.  The bottom of the device features the obligatory vent hole and spring.

In its default configuration, the Bolt provides space to house an 18490/500 battery.  One of the cool features of the Bolt is the ability to add an extender ring in between the two halves.  With the extender in line, the device is now capable of carrying larger high-capacity 18650 batteries (or the 5v batteries if you’re so inclined). The spring is pliable enough to house flat top or button-top batteries without issue.

The collar which allows you to sort of “right size” your PV is essentially the only unique trick the device can do.  There’s no variable voltage (unless you add a Kick in there) or any sort of voltage regulation.  This device is intended to be an inexpensive 3.7v device.

smoktech bolt review 3 piecesDespite its design as an inexpensive device, the finish feels surprisingly high-end.  The Bolt is available in a variety of powder coat finishes including red, white and black.  The powder coating over stainless steel gives the device a nicely finished feel.  There are no jagged edges or weird gaps on the device.

About the only thing I can ding the build quality on is the threading.  It’s not the smoothest action in the world connecting the two halves together.  A minor gripe, I admit.

The Bolt is available at a number of online retailers including MadVapes.

Using the Smok Tech Bolt

I found the Bolt to be a pretty comfortable device to use in general.  The button position makes activating the device with the thumb quite comfortable as compared to my Rough Stack.

The side placement also means that there’s no issue with just about any type of 510 hardware connecting to the top of the unit.  People fond of direct dripping will note a lack of drip well will result in e-liquid just sort of dribbling over the smooth sides if one is overly aggressive in the application of e-liquid to atomizer.

The 510 connector is slightly raised allowing adequate airflow from most hardware.  I used the larger SmokTech dual coil cartomizer tank, which looked at home on the Bolt.

smoktech bolt review with dcc tankThe horn switch delivered reliable results.  The tactile feel meant I knew exactly when I was applying voltage to the cartomizer.  I don’t recall any misfires, which indicates a fairly well constructed switch.

Performance is largely dependent on the battery since there’s no circuitry in this device. I prefer to run the 1.7Ω single coils which work great on these types of devices.

The unit itself has a little bit of heft to it, but doesn’t feel overly heavy, even with the larger battery in place.  There’s just enough weight there to reassure the user that it’s a solidly built device.

To be honest, this part of the review is sort of boring.  You press the button and vapor comes out of the Bolt. e-Cigarette simplicity.  There’s not much to it, it just works without much fiddling or settings to mess with or anything like that.

In that respect, the Bolt delivers on its promises.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

smoktech bolt review end image

The SmokTech Bolt is a fairly basic mass-produced e-cigarette tube.  The device features the flexibility of adding an extender sleeve to use higher capacity batteries.  The Bolt has an all around solid feel and reliable performance.  The design is clean, but free of any high-tech features.  In some ways, this device is sort of like the Honda Accord of the vaping world. If you’re looking for a simple daily driver that gets you to work without a lot of distractions, you can pick yours up over at MadVapes.



  • Flexible battery options
  • Solid switch
  • Nice finish
  • Reliable performance
  • Inexpensive


  • Threading a little rough
  • No extra bells and whistles
  • No discrete on/off safety switch


Product: The Bolt
Available at: MadVapes
Price:  $45 (8.99 for extension sleeve)
Threading: 510
Battery Capacity: 18490/18500 without extender, 18650 with extender.

Disclosure: I feature affiliate links for MadVapes

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