1. Have you noticed the area next to the atomizer head cutouts? if you pull that out (it's a weak glue) there's cutouts for the 4 adapters. I really do wish they were included in the set, you have a completely proprietary pv without them, an enormously more versatile one with them. Perhaps they'll do different kits, sort of like the lea and leaKross situation

    1. Author

      Not quite sure I'm following, I'll have to look at it when I get home. But yes, the adapters should be standard equipment. The kit they sell with the cartos does come with a 510 adapter.

        1. Author

          OH ok. Mine came with the adapters loose in a little bag. I didn't really even open that thing up :)

  2. Great review Thank You. :)

  3. Thanks for your help Steve ive got my new ITaste tank and agree its better than cartomizers thanks again Peter U/K

  4. My girlfriend and I ordered two of these Itaste VV tank kits and the question I have is about changing out tanks for different flavors of E-Juice. It looks like you have to switch the atomizer head as well with new tank and flavor and have to other tank upside down if liquid is still in it. Also once you use a liquid with that atomizer head you have to keep using that flavor of liquid with that particular atomizer head. Am I understanding this correctly? Sorry we are still new at Vaping.

    1. Author

      Well, you don't HAVE to switch out the head and tank if you want to switch flavors. It will just have remnants of the old flavor hanging around in there. I often just change flavors as I go letting them sort of blend. But, if that's not your thing, or you got a flavor you just can't stand, swapping the heads is a good plan. You can also clean the heads. Give them a soak in pure grain alcohol, if you have it, if not, very hot water would do. You can also use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner if you have one. Just make sure you let them dry really well before putting them back into service.

      The tanks can clean out too, just pop the silicone end off the tank (the end where you insert it into the atomizer assembly). Rinse it out, let it dry and you should be good to go.

  5. How often do you need to change the atomisers. I am buying mine in Thailand and the guy said they only last about 2 weeks

    1. Author

      it depends it can be anywhere from 2 weeks or even longer. The iTaste comes with a few replacement heads so that should last a while.

  6. Thanks Steve for your reply. Still not exactly sure what the atomiser is to be honest…….. is it the silver thing with a tip on it that goes into the liquid itself…..and if so, can it be reused in any way ?

    I have also been looking at getting a reusable atomiser like the Hellfire Mini. I think I will need a 510 adaptor to use it but if it saves me money then it will be worth having

    Any opinions on that or alternatives I can look at

    Thanks for your website and the advice offered to a newbie


  7. Author

    The atomizer is the silver part that you put the tank into. Inside the atomizer is the head which is the round thing with the spike on it. There's some pictures in the review above. Yes if you want to use regular 510 stuff you'll need the magnetic 520 adapter

  8. After smoking traditional cigs for 40 yrs, this little bugger has saved me! No more smelly hair, clothes or breath and a huge difference financially! Love Love Love!! :D

  9. While I’m probably just one in a million.. the feature I like MOST is the one most advanced users prob. find annoying or just an unnecessary novelty. (lol) I actually LOVE how it suggests the volt setting. Being a “noob” so to speak (tho I’ve researched too many hrs to count) all the ohms/vots/watts/amp limits, cartos/attys/clearos/tanks… aaaaaahhhh! has gotten very confusing- I originally thought I wanted a cig look-a-like, pretty simple. Pfffft… not how it is- too many choices, which to get?? So, for a while @ least, I’d think having something that not only reads the resistance of the atomizer- but then tells you the ‘recommended’ setting, letting you adjust freely from there.. would be a real plus! This is definitely the one I’ll personally be looking into buying. Actually, I wish more models did this!! =) Thanks for your awesome reviews!!! I’ve read most (if not all) of them! Amanda/IL

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