Another Local Business Profile

The News-Press ran a three page article on local Cape Coral e-cigarette retailer Vapin’ in the Cape.  While the story did give some passing ink to the FDA and prohibitionists group, the store remained largely positive.  Opting to instead highlight the many customers who gave up cigarettes in favor of vaping.

vapininthecape 121x125 image“I’ve had people who smoked for 45 years give me hugs because they’re so happy they haven’t had a cigarette,” Bratz said. Smokers begin with liquid strengths based on the number of cigarettes they go through per day. A chart at Vapin’ in the Cape recommends 16 to 18 milligrams of liquid nicotine for a pack-a-day smoker.

Interestingly, there’s a blurb from the FDA in this article.  Not surprising.  But what did catch my eye is that the FDA noted that no studies have been submitted to them.  It seems like they’ve at least stopped denying studies existed at all.

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