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Apoloe “Cryptonite” C8 Cartomizer Review

The C8  Cartomizer from Apoloe known as the “Cryptonite” at some vendors is the latest in the trend of souped-up cartomizers designed with eGo specific connections.  The C8 cartomizer brings some very sharp looks and upgraded materials to the jumbo eGo cartomizer party.  I’ll also be talking about some nice performance.  But, you’ll want to read the rest of the C8 cartomizer review to find out what the big “gotcha” is with this otherwise promising cartomizer.

c8 cartomizer title image


The Apoloe cartomizer at first blush feels like a solidly crafted and upscale cartomizer.  It features steel accents and a thick frosted plastic liquid tank.  As seems the popular thing to do lately, the cartomizer is skirted with threads, meaning it is made for use with eGo cartomizers or an eGo specific adapter (which you can pick up at MadVapes).

c8 cartomizer disassembledThe interior components are also steel, with the exception of the airway tube which is a neon green plastic thing.  This is a bottom-coil design featuring two wicks leading inside the heating coil chamber.  In fact, if you are familiar with the Vortex or G4 cartomizer design, the C8 cartomizer will look very familiar.

There are some differences between the older technology and that found in the Cryptonite carto.  Specifically, everything is made of metal, and the atomizer chamber and air tube are two different pieces. The C8 also differs in that there is about half an inch of wick sticking out and not the tiny nubs in the G4.

Over on the other end of the cartomizer, the design is very different from the old G4 design.  The top features a dual gasket system.  The inner gasket features a pin hole for filling.  A second silicon cap with a short tube fits atop the inner gasket. There is a small bump on the bottom of the outer gasket, which should cover the pinhole on the inner gasket.

The short tube fits into the mouthpiece of the cartomizer to form a seal with everything.  In between the top and bottom is a frosted high impact clear tube that holds a little under 2ml of e-liquid.

Filling the C8 Cartomizer

This is one of those e-cigarette accessories where there’s a “trick” to filling it up.  The bottom coil design is sensitive to pressure, and a special technique is needed to keep liquid inside the cartomizer where it belongs.

e-liquid inside the c8 cartoTo fill the carto, remove the tip and the outer gasket.  Insert a syringe needle or tip from a needle tipped filler bottle into the large hole on the inner gasket.  Hold the cartomizer and syringe tilted up, where the bottom of the cartomizer is pointing up.

Gently fill the cartomizer.  Be careful, some e-liquid is likely to dribble out the filler hole.  Once filled, leave the cartomizer horizontal (or upside down even) and insert the inner carto.

Here’s another tricky part.  Make sure the bump on the bottom of the other gasket covers the filler hole on the interior gasket.  I didn’t realize this early on reviewing this carto and the cartos leaked heavily, to the point of nearly damaging my ProVari.  Fortunately thanks to advice from ProVape support I was able to get things working again.

To be honest, I still don’t trust these cartomizers.  The leaking is an issue G4 cartomizers also have.  I would recommend against storing your APV (advanced personal vaporizer) upright with that cartomizer attached.  Lay it down when not in use just in case it decides to bathe your device with 2ml of e-liquid.


So here’s the big question.  Is all the hassle (and potential e-cigarette damage) worth it?

That is actually almost a fair tradeoff.  We’ll assume for the moment proper care and caution will prevent any major leaking catastrophes.  I can’t really fault the performance on the C8 cartomizers.

c8 cartomizer tip

I suppose I should qualify that just a little.  The C8 is also one of those devices that needs a little time to hit its stride.  The first tankfull on this unit was ho-hum.  However, after the second fill up, this device really came to life.

As I kind of hinted at before, I tested this device on my ProVari so I could try different voltages.  My Cryptonite carto dialed in around 2.5Ω so I tested it between 3.5 volts (which is what a typical eGo should output) and 4.5 volts (to see if it burns).  It’s probably also worth noting that my traditional test e-liquid is an 80%PG blend at 1.6% nicotine content.

c8 carto on egoWithin that range, I was most impressed at the lower range.  At eGo voltages, this cartomizer performed amazingly well.  Naturally, the vapor was pretty cool in temperature.  However, there was plenty of it and it was quite dense to boot.

Flavor production was pretty solid as well, with no funky after taste. I think this is one of best low voltage performances I’ve seen in a while.

4.5 was a somewhat different story.  Things started out great.  Massive vapor that was pleasingly warm, good flavor and a noticeable improvement in throat hit.

Unfortunately, the C8 couldn’t keep up with my aggressive chan-vaping ways.  After the first few puffs, I started to get a pretty harsh burn taste.

If you are more leisurely, you can probably sustain higher voltages.  Vaping fiends, however, might want to dial the voltage back to around 4.2.  You still get a very solid vape, albeit with a little less warmth to it.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

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The Apoloe C8 (Cryptonite) eGo cartomizer is a flat-out classy looking carto.  It also has a solid feel thanks to generous usage of metal parts.  The performance on underpowered eGo style devices is quite impressive.  Higher voltage fans will find it solid south of the 4 volt range, but it quickly falls apart at voltages above that.  This performance comes at a price, if you make a mistake in the filling, reassembly, or storage process, your e-cigarette is likely to get a bath.


  • Great looking
  • Solid Feel
  • Metal construction
  • Fantastic performance on an eGo battery
  • Decent performance at 4v


  • Massive leaking if not properly filled and capped
  • Breaks down at higher voltages
  • Storage cap extra


Product: C8 “Cryptonite” cartomizer
Available From: GotVapes
Price: $10.95 (storage cap $3.25 extra)
Threading: eGo
Resistance: 2.5Ω