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  1. Your comment about using two batteries in my ClearMax didn't mean much at the time but I had already ordered a pair of AW IMR 16340 batteries as an experiment to see if they could up the amps on my WoW which was vaping at 2.5amp with some generic and UltraFire protected batteries. To my surprise they did indeed, they pushed the WoW to 2.87amp. I am now convinced that IMR High Drain batteries are indeed an asset to Vaping.

    As it Works out these two 16340 batteries are just a little longer than the AW IMR 18650 battery and will fit in the Tube of the of the ClearMax albeit with extra pressure on the Cap Spring which wants to pull the threaded ring out of the Tube. Once this problem was solved my testing showed these two High Drain batteries had turned my docile 15watt 3.13amp ClearMax into a 25watt 4.8amp fire breathing monster.

    Obviously I don't need a 5 amp APV as my Twist size VV units along with my Wow fill most of my vaping needs with a comfortable feel and reserve power but it's nice to know I have something that is strong enough for whatever the future may introduce. :)

    All testing was done with batteries fresh off the charger using a 1.5ohm DC Clearo.


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