Article Calls for FDA Moderation When Regulating eCigs

An opinion piece went up on the news observer website calling for the FDA to not crush the e-cigarette industry with regulation. The article detailed how the industry is picking up and how well user are taking to the devices. The article does seem to indicate the authors feel that some regulation to keep products consistent are in order.

FDA will rule none too soon on e-cigarette regulations | Other Views |
If the FDA embraces harm reduction and enacts balanced regulations that encourage the efficient development of safer forms of nicotine delivery, then it can both protect public health and enable free market forces, driven by innovation, to help permanently extinguish the combustible cigarette and, with it, a man-made public health disaster without parallel.

Call me somewhat paranoid, but the author is associated with a company called e-Nicotine Technology. A company which seems to be going the pharmaceutical product route with their company. I’d have to think a market where any e-cigarette devices can be sold might not be exactly what they have in mind here.

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