Ashtray Blog Interviews Researcher on Recent eCig Case Study

It seems the medical case study I linked to on FlavorArt’s blog was originated by none other than Doctor Konstantinos Farsilinos. Dr. F. as I like to call him talked to my pals over at the Ashtray blog for a little more detail on what the condition means and about the ethical conundrum created by resistance to electronic cigarettes in certain scientific circles.

PLB: Given that vaping seems to be the easiest way to quit smoking it might be the one worth promoting as the best recommendation for those with this condition.

Answ: I wouldn’t confine such a suggestion to this population alone. I think physicians are currently facing an important ethical dilemma, which I also addressed in the published paper. Given the fact that almost all scientific organizations state that e-cigarettes should not be used, how should I advice my patient when he told me that he managed to quit smoking by the use of electronic cigarette? Should I have told him to stop using them, taking the risk that he would (almost certainly) go back to smoking? What about now, that chronic idiopathic neutrophilia has resolved despite the daily use of e-cigarette? Should I tell him to avoid using them, according to scientific guidelines? And even before that, what is scientifically and ethically correct for a patient that has failed to quit smoking by currently approved methods? To tell him not to ever try electronic cigarette and let him keep smoking without providing any less harmful alternatives? These are major issues, and I think it is time to deal with them in a responsible way.

About the only thing I can add other than my intense jealousy for the great interviews these guys get, is go read this thing.  You’ll be a better person for it and not only know more about rare blood diseases, but also about electronic cigarette research in general.

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