An Ex-Smoker’s First Vaping Experience

Quitting the smoking habit was the farthest thing from my mind when I came upon a kiosk selling e-cigarettes (funny enough, I was actually looking around for a pack of regular cigarettes). I heard about these smokeless, odourless, and supposedly healthier smoking alternatives from a friend, and I also saw a few ads and videos online. I had been a smoker for over ten years, and I’ve tried things like nicotine patches, smokeless tobacco, and cigarette filters. Obviously, none of them worked for me. I was deeply sceptical that e-cigarettes would be any different.


Pink Spot Vapors Review Title Image

Pink Spot Vapors Vendor Review

Welcome to the first ever guest review on Steve K’s Vaping World!  This review was written by Jesse B and is the first of a two-part review of Pink Spot Vapors.  I hope to keep e-liquid reviews going as a regular thing, so if you’re interested in writing guest reviews of e-liquid, we should talk.  And now, over to Jesse. — Steve K.