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blu Cigs Disposable e-cigarette – Impressions

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Disposable electronic cigarettes are common fare these days.  Brands tend to vary widely as do the locations disposable e-cigarettes show up for sale.  blu Cigs is attempting to change that around by selling their blu Cigs disposable model nation wide at all Walgreens drug stores. You never know when this might come in handy, so perhaps a little blu Cigs disposable e-cigarette review may come in handy.

Uses for Disposable e-Cigarettes

These disposable e-cigs may be the first (and sometimes last) e-cigarettes people new to vaping try out.  Regular vapers may not pay much attention to disposable e-cigarettes.  However, during the holiday season, things happen.  Perhaps you are out and about visiting family, or plain carousing (you know who you are) and your trusty ProVari falls into aunt Jackie’s spiked eggnog.

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Can you see the swoopiness?

After you get over the initial crying fit, you realize you have 4 more hours of family scrapbooks to sit through before you can get home to your

backup Lavatube.  You do have a backup, right? Perhaps you can sneak out to the Walgreens down the street and plop down around 7 bucks to pick up one of blu’s disposables.

Of course you don’t need an elaborate story, maybe it’s just handy to have disposables readily available for a number of reasons.  And remember, lots of people might get their first e-cigarette experience from one of these devices since they’re so accessible.  I’m guessing that’s what blu Cigs is hoping for.  The question is, are they any good.

e-Cigarette Design

blu Cig’s disposable is naturally packaged in a small package designed to show well on a store shelf.  The clear box showcases the glossy black e-cigarette contained inside.  Closer inspection reveals there’s actually an elegant little swoopy kind of pattern to the finish.  The box is full of the usual marketing stuff you’d expect on a retail package, including a Johnson Creek logo to let you know they use USA made e-liquid.

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Traditional e-cigarettes

The marketing text on the pack brags that the e-cigarette is equal to over one pack.  I’ll just come out and say that probably doesn’t hold true for everyone.  It’s hard to tell exactly but the vape and toss blu probably has a payload of around 1.2-1.5ml.  The battery as is typical in disposables is fairly long and is close in size to the 280mAh XL batteries a lot of e-cigarettes have.

I ran the device off and on for a few days, average users can easily get several good hours out of this device

The battery is, of course, an automatic.  I’ve never seen a manual disposable.  The tip of the battery lights up with blu’s signature blue LED.  The entire unit is a single, sealed tube.  This isn’t one of those disposables that’s simply a regular battery that won’t hold more than a couple charges.

Cutting open the disposable e-cigarette, I found a somewhat interesting cartomizer design.  The unit featured a horizontal coil located midway up the length of the cartomizer area.  The coils had a wick as well as being surrounded by batting similar to regular cartomizer designs.  It seems designed to soak up as much liquid as possible before burning out.

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