1. FWIW I found a seller on eBay asking $49 or offer for a "Boge Revolution V2.1 electronic cigarette kit". I offered $45 delivered and it's on it's way. If any of your readers are interested it appears to be a pretty good price.Errol

  2. Very cool! Let me know how you like it after you get it.

  3. Well Steve, since I started reading your reviews a few days back I've bought the VV Mod and all associated parts plus volt meter from MadVapes and now I've bought the Boge Revolution. Going to have to stay away from here for a while or get a second job. -)Read on the ECF forum that you can't remove or replace the battery on the Revolution. Is he correct? If he is correct I'm guessing one could use it like a PT after the battery failed.Errol

  4. You'd better run, I'm vaping on a ProVari right now, and you know that will wind up as a review :) I have a bunch of stuff sort of queued up, don't try to buy it all.That is correct, the batteries are hard-wired in. I'm not sure how long they will actually last, but I'm sure you could always use it as a PT so long as the batteries can hold a charge for at least a minute or two, sort of like an old laptop battery. I'm optimistic they'll be up to the Rev 3 or something before the batteries give up the ghost.

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