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Call to Action! Vermont Bill to Impose a 92% Tax on E-Cigarettes — HB71

This is a syndicated post, which originally appeared at CASAA. View original post.

UPDATE (3/11/2013): CASAA has been informed that the Vermont Attorney General’s office has confirmed that e-cigarettes would *not* be subject to a tax under legislation currently pending in the Vermont Senate.

As a result, CASAA has deleted its Call to Action. No further action is needed. If you did contact members of the Vermont Senate, please feel free to send a follow-up e-mail noting that you withdraw your opposition.

CASAA thanks its members for their cooperation.

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  1. Mark jarvis says:

    This has now been deleted from CASAA – This call to action is not necessary as e-cigarettes are not covered in this bill at all. In fact to have covered them in this bill would have meant a re-classification of e-cigarette products which there hasn’t been. Please do not contact any of the e-mails above. Who knows you might get them thinking !!

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