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World Vaping Day 2012


Today is the first annual World Vaping Day.  The idea behind the day is to spread awareness of e-cigarettes and how they have the potential to change people’s lives.  Many groups and locales are hosting events today.  I’d recommend you hit the map at the World Vaping Day site to see if there is anything for you […]

Too Long; Didn’t Read?


Hello SKVW readers! I would like your assistance with something.  What do you think about the length of the reviews on this site?  I often hear that the articles are “in-depth” but I sometimes wonder if that’s shorthand for “too long.” So, I’d like to know what you think!  Vote in the poll on the […]

New Feature: Polls!

You may have noticed a new section on the left hand side of the page for polls.  I wanted to start getting feedback from you, my loyal readers to help shape what sort of content you would like to see on Steve K’s Vaping World! First up, premium electronic cigarette “mods”.  These are custom built […]

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