eCigs, Vape Pens and Hookah Sticks – Sorting Out the Slang

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Perhaps you’ve seen a few different terms thrown around for e-cigarettes.  eCigs, vape pens and hookah sticks are terms that I’ve heard the media toss out before.  I sort of thought for a while the latter two were made up by reporters who couldn’t be bothered to do any actual research.  It turns out vape pens and hookah sticks are real, live relatives of the e-cigarette.

There’s Antifreeze in ’em: 7 e-Cigarette Myths Debunked

I’ve been around the block a time or two before when it comes to e-cigarettes.  There is a certain set of talking points that prohibitionists go to when smearing the industry. From old favorites to relatively new theories, there seems to be no end to the nonsense put forth by opponents of electronic cigarettes.  I figure I’d take a little time out here to touch on the more popular ones and try to explain why they are myths.

Why aren’t there more e-Cigarette Studies? The Surprising Truth

When you read news articles about e-cigarettes there is one nearly universal thing they all have in common.  Odds are at some point, it will be mentioned that “we just don’t know” if e-cigarettes are harmful, that there’s not enough studies about e-cigarettes to determine if they are safe.  So, why aren’t there more e-cigarette studies?

Is Second-hand e-Cigarette Vapor Harmful to Bystanders? eCig 101

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There seems to be more than a fair share of fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding e-cigarettes. One of the big things driving much of the negative sentiment surrounding electronic cigarettes is the idea of second-hand vapor.  Cigarettes, of course, have gained much notoriety for second-hand smoke, but does that translate to their vapor-producing doppelgangers?

Are e-Cigs Better for the Environment? The Definitive Guide to Butts

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I’ve been pondering a question for a while: Are e-cigarettes better for the environment than traditional cigarettes? I’ve certainly seen some companies make such claims. But, in the long run, I think most people are more concerned with the overall health and cost benefits.  But I still think the question of how bad for Mother Earth ecigs really are is a valid thing to explore.