Are e-Cigarettes Bad for You? eCig 101


There has been a lot of hyperbole and controversy surrounding electronic cigarettes. Particularly in the media, one can’t help but get confused by the mixed messages put forth.  Some say e-cigarettes are the greatest thing to happen to public health since germ theory, while on the other extreme some so-called experts claim e-cigarettes are somehow worse than the real thing.

Improve Vivi Nova Wicking: Quick Tip

Vivi Novas are really popular, but sometimes they just seem to have problems. Usually it involves wicking, they just can’t keep the liquid flowing fast enough and you get a burnt taste with your Vivi Nova. Yes, I know. Yet another Nova article after my promise to knock it off.  Bear with me, this might be a useful read if you’ve run into this problem.

What Happens at a Vape Meet: eCig 101

What happens at a vape meet? I get that question quite a lot. Oddly enough, it’s a question I couldn’t really answer from experience until very recently. Due to having a lot of real-world obligations outside my humble little presence on the internet, I don’t have a lot of free time to travel to any of the large regional meets. Fortunately, my local vapers’ group recently held an event I was able to attend. Now I can explain the process with a little more first-hand experience.

Propylene Glycol: What’s the Deal? – eCig 101

Propylene Glycol is one of three or four ingredients found in e-liquid for electronic cigarettes.  As of late it seems that this substance is being bandied about in the media and among some other people as a hobgoblin out to get hapless smokers who don’t know any better. I thought now would be a good time for an eCig 101 installment to explain what this mystery substance is and dispel some of the misinformation surrounding Propylene Glycol.

e-Cigarette Jargon and Terms – eCig 101

e-cigarette terms jargon


You may have noticed this site tends to lean toward the hobbyist side of the e-cigarette world. With that comes a whole lot of jargon, terms and odd abbreviations.  Heck, even with standard e-cigarettes, there’s still some lingo to get used to. As part of the occasional series, eCig 101 I figured why not explain some of these terms.  While I’ll try to be as complete as I can, this probably won’t be an all-encompassing lexicon of terms.  New terms happen all the time, plus I’m likely to miss some.  I’ll update this article as new things come up, or people call me out in the comments.

volt meter on eGo Twist variable voltage e-cigarette

5 Things to Look For In a Variable Voltage e-Cigarette

choosing variable voltage electronic cigaretteVariable voltage e-cigarettes seem to be the next big thing in the electronic cigarette industry.  What started out as a hobbyist sort of thing, first grew into a handful of boutique vendors manufacturing high-end devices.  Now, it seems like every large factory out there has some sort of take on the variable voltage e-cigarette. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what features matter when choosing a vari-volt ecig, so here’s five features worth considering.

free e-cigarette trial scam image

Electronic Cigarette Free Trial – 4 Reasons to Say “No”

Electronic cigarette free trial ads seem to be on the rise.  I monitor a lot of news sources to get stories for my e-cigarette news updates.  Some are good, and others not so much.  I’ve noticed that “articles” touting the benefits of “free” trials for e-cigarettes seem to be on the rise.  This probably means some company somewhere is providing a pretty handsome affiliate fee to marketers who refer customers to sign up. So, I figured it might be a good time to tell you to think twice before signing up.