Site o’ The Week – eCig Advanced Forums

This week’s Site o’ The Week is actually a sub site of an even bigger site.  ECig Advanced is possibly the biggest e-cigarette site around loaded with news, articles and reviews (sound familiar?) I wanted to include ECA in this section for a while as they are just a nice bunch of folks that contribute to that site over there.  However, instead I want to focus on a single part of the site: the forums.

Site o’ the Week – e-Cigarette Politics

Hello and welcome to a brand spankin’ new segment here on SKVW. I like to call it the Site o’ the Week.  There are many sites about e-cigarettes out there of varying quality. Each week I’m going to profile a different site in the e-cigarette genre that delivers content you may be interested in as a sort of survey of e-cigarette sites.

Electronic Cigarette Industry Predictions for 2013

As I write this article, we are at the end of 2012 looking out toward 2013. I’m willing to bet 2013 will be an interesting year for the electronic cigarette industry.  I was recently asked for a prediction or two for another blog.  I ended up going a little overboard and provided a whole lot more than that. I figured why let my e-cigarette predictions go to waste when I can expand on them and present them here.  If nothing else, come back here at the end of 2013 I should either look like a soothsayer or a lunatic based on what happens!

e-Cigarette Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Welcome to the 2nd annual edition of Steve K’s Vaping World’s holiday e-cigarette gift guide! Like last year, I’ve amassed some of the most popular items on this site for electronic cigarette users ranging from total beginner to the vaping gadget hound.


e-cigarette history hookah

E-Cigs Merge Ancient Traditions with Modern Ones

The following is a guest post by Teresa Mackey

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs as they’re commonly known, have spawned a new industry in the wake of tobacco bans that are spreading throughout the world. People who once smoked pipes, cigars, or conventional cigarettes have turned to e-cigs or hookahs as a solution that allows them to enjoy smoking in places where tobacco is not allowed.