Who Will Keep Big Tobacco Honest?

I have at times been accused as a bit of a downer.  I tend to make dire conclusions from news like the FDA’s eventual regulation of electronic cigarettes.  Sure, the genie’s out of the bottle when it comes to e-cigarettes.  The word is out on e-cigarettes, and no matter how the staunchest prohibitionists pout, e-cigarettes aren’t going to go anywhere.

Are Online eCig Petitions Pointless? Why I don’t Sign

are online ecig petitions pointless? Why I won't sign

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past several months, e-cigarette users are at high alert. Prohibitionist forces from a variety of places seem hell-bent to take away the one thing we’ve found to draw us away from the demonic allure of cigarettes.  Major cities like New York City have banned indoor use of the devices with much publicity in the media. FDA regulations still loom over the devices while grandstanding Senators aim to take out e-cigarettes as part of their legacy.

ProVari: Is it Over the Hill?

The ProVari is the crème de la crème of the vaping world. I’ve said it along with countless other vapers. That was certainly true up to a few months ago. But, has its time come? Are the only ones left singing the praises of this vaping status symbols the fanboys? I’ve pondered whether the ProVari has seen its day lately, so I figured why not put those musings into the form of an article.

Electronic Cigarette Industry Predictions for 2013

As I write this article, we are at the end of 2012 looking out toward 2013. I’m willing to bet 2013 will be an interesting year for the electronic cigarette industry.  I was recently asked for a prediction or two for another blog.  I ended up going a little overboard and provided a whole lot more than that. I figured why let my e-cigarette predictions go to waste when I can expand on them and present them here.  If nothing else, come back here at the end of 2013 I should either look like a soothsayer or a lunatic based on what happens!

My Favorite e-Cigarette Products of 2012

2012 has been amazing year for electronic cigarettes. This year featured some of the most creative and innovative products in recent memory. Things like eGo cartomizers and Vivi Novas gained popularity while variable voltage and wattage devices hit the market with a vengeance.  Let’s face it, not everything was great. But rather than focus on the duds of 2012 as we head into 2013, I’d like to take a look at some of my favorite things from this year.

ecig saftey studies test tube image

Electronic Cigarette Safety Research – What I want

ecig saftey studies test tube imageAs far as electronic cigarette research goes, it’s been a pretty busy few weeks. The continual back and forth between positive and negative studies has got me to thinking. I know thinking is pretty dangerous, but hear me out. I want to know what we really want out of electronic cigarette research.