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Do E-cigarettes Present a Fire Risk on Airplanes?

When it comes to electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers, safety is so important. While some e-cigarettes are virtually foolproof, some advanced devices can pose a serious health risk if not handled properly. Vapers and e-cigarette users must learn and understand proper lithium battery handling and charging procedures in order to prevent avoidable accidents. This is especially important when traveling with e-cigarette devices and accessories.

Astroturf? Really? Why Vaping Activisim is Suspect

Once again, vapers made a stand against very loud public denouncements of e-cigarettes.  It seems that whenever that happens, the prohibitionist camp starts throwing around the accusation of the resistance being a Big Tobacco plot to undermine public health’s valiant efforts. In essence, the accusation is a fake grass-roots movement which is referred to as “Astroturfing.”

Most popular ecigs products of the past year

While 2015 is set to be yet another monumental year for the vaping industry is interesting to look back at 2014 and which products caught the eye of tobacco smokers. The UK market has grown significantly over the last few years with over 2 million people now regularly using vaping devices. A report towards the end of 2014 by ASH (action on smoking and health) throws a very interesting light on the industry and trends within the UK market.