Site o’ the Week – Vaping Cheap

Ok, so the Vaping Site o’ the Week has kind of been on hiatus for a while. The feature may not be weekly any longer, but I do hope from time to time to bring you a new site to check out.  This one came to my attention when the site’s owner, Nathan submitted a guest post on quitting smoking a while back, so I thought I’d profile his site since it’s an interesting concept.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s running a killer contest right now to win a brand new DNA30 Vapor Shark mod.

Are Online eCig Petitions Pointless? Why I don’t Sign

are online ecig petitions pointless? Why I won't sign

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past several months, e-cigarette users are at high alert. Prohibitionist forces from a variety of places seem hell-bent to take away the one thing we’ve found to draw us away from the demonic allure of cigarettes.  Major cities like New York City have banned indoor use of the devices with much publicity in the media. FDA regulations still loom over the devices while grandstanding Senators aim to take out e-cigarettes as part of their legacy.

How to open a Vape Store in _____ easy steps

The following is a guest post by Norm Bour, who works with vape shops to help them build successful businesses. I sometimes get questions from hopeful shop owners, so I’ve asked the expert to share some things to consider if you’re considering such a jump into the industry.  As usual, the opinions expressed in here are the authors.

Why aren’t there more e-Cigarette Studies? The Surprising Truth

When you read news articles about e-cigarettes there is one nearly universal thing they all have in common.  Odds are at some point, it will be mentioned that “we just don’t know” if e-cigarettes are harmful, that there’s not enough studies about e-cigarettes to determine if they are safe.  So, why aren’t there more e-cigarette studies?

Is Second-hand e-Cigarette Vapor Harmful to Bystanders? eCig 101

2nd hand vapor harmful.jpg

There seems to be more than a fair share of fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding e-cigarettes. One of the big things driving much of the negative sentiment surrounding electronic cigarettes is the idea of second-hand vapor.  Cigarettes, of course, have gained much notoriety for second-hand smoke, but does that translate to their vapor-producing doppelgangers?