Is Second-hand e-Cigarette Vapor Harmful to Bystanders? eCig 101

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There seems to be more than a fair share of fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding e-cigarettes. One of the big things driving much of the negative sentiment surrounding electronic cigarettes is the idea of second-hand vapor.  Cigarettes, of course, have gained much notoriety for second-hand smoke, but does that translate to their vapor-producing doppelgangers?

Are e-Cigs Better for the Environment? The Definitive Guide to Butts

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I’ve been pondering a question for a while: Are e-cigarettes better for the environment than traditional cigarettes? I’ve certainly seen some companies make such claims. But, in the long run, I think most people are more concerned with the overall health and cost benefits.  But I still think the question of how bad for Mother Earth ecigs really are is a valid thing to explore.

Are e-Cigarettes Bad for You? eCig 101


There has been a lot of hyperbole and controversy surrounding electronic cigarettes. Particularly in the media, one can’t help but get confused by the mixed messages put forth.  Some say e-cigarettes are the greatest thing to happen to public health since germ theory, while on the other extreme some so-called experts claim e-cigarettes are somehow worse than the real thing.