Are Online eCig Petitions Pointless? Why I don’t Sign

are online ecig petitions pointless? Why I won't sign

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past several months, e-cigarette users are at high alert. Prohibitionist forces from a variety of places seem hell-bent to take away the one thing we’ve found to draw us away from the demonic allure of cigarettes.  Major cities like New York City have banned indoor use of the devices with much publicity in the media. FDA regulations still loom over the devices while grandstanding Senators aim to take out e-cigarettes as part of their legacy.

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WHO’s Current Stance on eCigs – Off the Deep End

The World Health Organization attempts, among other things, to eradicate diseases from developing nations.  Or so I thought.  It turns out the WHO also has a few other hobbies like attempting to eradicate electronic cigarettes from the face of the planet. The organization’s stance has gotten progressively more aggressive to e-cigarettes over the past few year to the point now where the organization wants to see signatory nations completely ban the devices.