What Does The Future Hold For Vaping Technology?

For the past several years, seemingly every day a new vaping device is introduced to the market. From box MODs with highly advanced chips, to sub-ohm clearomizers armed with nickel NI-200 coils, vaping has become and increasingly progressive industry. This is due to how new and subsequently competitive it is. Although this is quickly changing, the industry has also benefited from relatively low regulation enjoyed up to this point.

6 Problems with the CDC Teen eCig Announcement

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve likely heard that the CDC, the agency we trust to keep us safe from monkey pox outbreaks, has released a “shocking study” about youth e-cigarette use. This has all the makings of a full-on freak out, teen and even middle school use has doubled between 2011-2012. Of course with all things, there is more than meets the eye. Here are 6 problems with the CDC teen e-cigarette report (both with the study and external to it) to think about.

Top 10 Studies on E-Cigs You Need to Know About

One of the most common criticisms raised against e-cigarettes is that they’re completely unsupported by research. The people who make this comment are clearly working under some unspoken assumption that nobody will read anything in the news, and that people in the vaping community are completely uninformed about the products they’re using. It’s outwardly absurd, since there have been numerous studies on the effects of e-cigs and the results have been extremely positive on the whole. Whilst long-term studies are needed (by definition, a new technology will always have this problem), there are plenty of pieces of research into e-cigarettes that reveal important facts you need to know about.

e-Cigarette Jargon and Terms – eCig 101

e-cigarette terms jargon


You may have noticed this site tends to lean toward the hobbyist side of the e-cigarette world. With that comes a whole lot of jargon, terms and odd abbreviations.  Heck, even with standard e-cigarettes, there’s still some lingo to get used to. As part of the occasional series, eCig 101 I figured why not explain some of these terms.  While I’ll try to be as complete as I can, this probably won’t be an all-encompassing lexicon of terms.  New terms happen all the time, plus I’m likely to miss some.  I’ll update this article as new things come up, or people call me out in the comments.

FDA Logo

The FDA and Electronic Cigarettes, a Timeline Part 1

The Food and Drug Administration and electronic cigarettes have a pretty long and storied history.  I’ve commented about the FDA and its attempts to ban and demonize ecigs pretty extensively.  I’ve realized perhaps not everyone is intimate with the rocky road we’ve been down. I thought perhaps a little perspective on how things have progressed so far might shed some light and provide a little context for many of the things discussed in the community.

free e-cigarette trial scam image

Electronic Cigarette Free Trial – 4 Reasons to Say “No”

Electronic cigarette free trial ads seem to be on the rise.  I monitor a lot of news sources to get stories for my e-cigarette news updates.  Some are good, and others not so much.  I’ve noticed that “articles” touting the benefits of “free” trials for e-cigarettes seem to be on the rise.  This probably means some company somewhere is providing a pretty handsome affiliate fee to marketers who refer customers to sign up. So, I figured it might be a good time to tell you to think twice before signing up.