Aviator Test Flight Review: Disposable e-Cigarettes to Your Door

Disposable e-cigarettes are not exactly a new thing.  You can find them in pretty much every gas station in the country.  Many people tend to move on to a refilable kit or more advanced hardware after they get used to the idea of vaping. For some, however, there’s no real need to use anything else.  These are the folks that Aviator is looking for with its disposable e-cigarette home delivery business model.  They sent me their “Test Flight” setup for me to review.

NEwhere Boss Disposable eCigar – Vaping Cognitive Dissonance

I received a package from NEwhere e-cigarettes quite a while ago.  The box contained several samples of their disposable e-Hookahs (for an explanation, check out this article). But it also contained one of their BOSS disposable e-Cigars. That’s the one that caught my eye. The only thing is that NEwhere’s cigars come only in fruit flavors, so it took me a while to wrap my head around the whole thing. In turn, it’s why my review of the BOSS took so long, so apologies to the good folks of NEwhere. Read on for the rest of the review to find out more.

Energy Shisha e-Cigarette Review

Energy drinks are very popular these days, as are e-cigarettes.  The folks over at Energy Shisha figured why not combine the two ideas and see what you come up with. In this Energy Shisha review we’ll take a look at the product and figure out if it is a good combination of the two or yet another oddball novelty product.

A look at Vapourlites

Vapourlites is a popular e-cigarette brand from the UK. You can tell they’re from the UK because of the U in the word vapour, but I digress.  Vapourlites e-cigarettes can be found both online and in many stores across the country.  The company recently sent me a copy of their disposable and their basic starter kit, so here we have the Vapourlites e-cigarette review.

777 Disposable ecig Review title image

777 eCigs Triple Seven Disposable eCig Review

Ah, the disposable e-cigarette. It seems like not too long ago, there weren’t a whole lot of options out there.  Now it seems that just about every e-cigarette brand is trying to get a disposable version of their product on store shelves.  It makes sense, it’s a good way to get potential new customers to try your product without committing to purchasing an entire kit. This latest entry comes from 777 eCigs let’s take a look at the Triple Seven eCigs disposable and see how it stacks up.

vaepe disposable e-cigarette review title image

Vaepe Studio Disposable eCig Review

Vaepe is an electronic cigarette company based out of the UK.  The company specializes in sleek looking traditional-style electronic cigarettes. The company offers a variety of standard kits and disposable models. In this review we’ll take a look at the company’s Studio disposable electronic cigarette.

e-swisher e-cigarette line title image

Swisher’s Entry into the eCig Market (A Review)

Not too long ago, I pointed out in an e-cigarette news update that cigar company Swisher was coming out with a line of e-cigarettes.  The line was going to include both kits and disposables, along with a disposable cigar with their unique Swisher Sweets flavor. I reached out to the good folks over at Swisher since I knew some of my readers would be curious.  They sent me their line of products to try and write a Swisher electronic cigarette review.  So, let’s take a look at the cigar maker’s foray into our world of e-cigarettes.