Ceramic Wonder FreeMax Starre Pure [Review]

FreeMax decided to ask what would happen if you put ceramic in a standard vaping tank.  Their answer is the Starre Pure, a nice looking 4ml tank that aspires to give you a high quality vape while keeping the thing from burning itself up.  Read the rest of the review to see how that works out for them.

Griffin 25 Plus – GeekVape’s Mythical Tank [Review]

I have taken an interest in rebuildable tanks lately.  This is partly out of a desire to throw a ton of wattage at a tank, and having something reliable that will last a long time in the current political environment is a pretty good idea.  In that spirit, GeekVape hooked me up with their new flagship RBA, the Griffin 25 Plus.  So that means it’s review time!

kangertech subtank plus review title image

Subtank Plus [Review]

Kanger tanks seem to come in 3 sizes: small, medium and OH MY GOD!  The Subtank Plus would be the latter.  Weighing in at 7ml of capacity, the plus is one of the bigger sub ohm tanks on the market.  Read the review to find out if bigger really is better.