Blu PLUS kit – A Different Approach (Review)

blu Cigs is one of the oldest brands still kicking around the vaping industry.  For better or worse, blu made history when they were the first e-cigarette brand to be snatched up by BIg Tobacco. blu Cigs continued business as usual for some time. Now the company is trying to stick to its roots and level the playing field with its new PLUS offering.  Read the review to see how it stacks up.

VapeClub Beginner Kit Review

Vape Club is a UK vendor with a pretty health selection of products including a number of products familiar to us American consumers especially some of the higher-end e-liquid offerings.  The company also sells basic starter kits for new vapers.  I received an example of the latter recently for review.  It’s their most basic kit and it’s actually a special offer model for just 1 Pound.  Here’s a quick look at what you’ll get for your quid. Also, I promise to not try and talk British any longer.

Nuvo Cig Starter Kits – Shiny Silver eCigs Review

nuvo cig review title image

I’ve reviewed a lot of e-cigarette starter kits in my day.  The traditional ecigs start to run together after a while. That’s why, it’s important for companies to do something to stand out from the crowd.  Nuvo manages to stand out by standardizing on metallic silver e-cigarettes from stem to stern.  But, is a sleek metallic look enough? Read the Nuvo Cig review below and find out how they measure up.