Aquacig e-Cigarette Starter Kit Review – Blue LEDs and a Spare Charger

Open the textured, carbon fiber style case, pop a cartridge on the black battery and puff away gently as the blue LED lights the tip of the Aquacig e-cigarette. That’s the image that Aquacigs wants to portray with their line of traditional-style e-cigarettes. We’ll take a look at the offerings from this company and decide if there’s some cool to that blue glow or not.

V2 Cigs Starter Kit Revisited

V2 Cigs is one of the most popular e-cigarette companies in what I like to call the “big box” category. That is it’s a company that focuses on its own branded equipment that tends to focus more on the cigarette-like style of electronic cigarettes. V2 was one of the first big box brand I reviewed early on. That review continues to be popular, but I thought I’d get a current V2 Cigs starter kit to review to see if anything has changed.

What Happens at a Vape Meet: eCig 101

What happens at a vape meet? I get that question quite a lot. Oddly enough, it’s a question I couldn’t really answer from experience until very recently. Due to having a lot of real-world obligations outside my humble little presence on the internet, I don’t have a lot of free time to travel to any of the large regional meets. Fortunately, my local vapers’ group recently held an event I was able to attend. Now I can explain the process with a little more first-hand experience.

777 eCigs Bullet Kit – Straight Shooting Starter Kit

777 eCigs has a new Bullet starter kit out and it’s pretty interesting. I’ve been reviewing your basic e-cigarette starter kit for a long time now. There are some good kits and some not so good ones. Either way, the basic design tends to be the same. The 777 Bullet has finally tried to change that up a little. Let’s review this e-cigarette kit and see if it’s going to be a thing.

Vantage Vapor Starter Kit Review


Vantage Vapor is an offshoot of V2 Cigs. Vantage Vapor is available both at its own website and which serves as a sort of affiliated V2 store. Where V2 Cigs has a wide variety of products and flavors and Vapor Couture has flashy devices geared toward women, Vantage shoots for a more simplified experience. Read through the rest of my Vantage Vapor review and find out if going back to basics is a good idea.

Vapor Couture – We Review the Feminine Side of eCigs

Vapor Couture is V2 Cigs e-cigarette brand made exclusively for women. In general, women account for around 85% of all consumer spending in the US, a fact that’s not lost on e-cigarette retailers as they increasingly try to court the ladies. In this Vapor Couture review I’ll tap into my feminine side to figure out if this is simple pandering or fulfilling an underserved niche in the electronic cigarette market.

e-Cigarette Jargon and Terms – eCig 101

e-cigarette terms jargon


You may have noticed this site tends to lean toward the hobbyist side of the e-cigarette world. With that comes a whole lot of jargon, terms and odd abbreviations.  Heck, even with standard e-cigarettes, there’s still some lingo to get used to. As part of the occasional series, eCig 101 I figured why not explain some of these terms.  While I’ll try to be as complete as I can, this probably won’t be an all-encompassing lexicon of terms.  New terms happen all the time, plus I’m likely to miss some.  I’ll update this article as new things come up, or people call me out in the comments.

Adventures in Free e-Cigarettes – Fool Me Once

I’m ashamed to admit it, but it seems I got roped in with a free ecig deal. Let me come right out and say this article is going to be a departure from what you normally see on this site.  I generally try to avoid vendor bashing.  For me, it’s more about the products and issues surrounding the community, so even if there is a vendor I personally have a problem with, I try to remain silent. In this case, I believe enough people have been affected, and it serves as a cautionary tale to use caution when considering promotions like free e-cigarette kits.

777 Disposable ecig Review title image

777 eCigs Triple Seven Disposable eCig Review

Ah, the disposable e-cigarette. It seems like not too long ago, there weren’t a whole lot of options out there.  Now it seems that just about every e-cigarette brand is trying to get a disposable version of their product on store shelves.  It makes sense, it’s a good way to get potential new customers to try your product without committing to purchasing an entire kit. This latest entry comes from 777 eCigs let’s take a look at the Triple Seven eCigs disposable and see how it stacks up.