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Researcher Announces Fundraising for Useful eCig Study

As we’ve discussed here for the past several months, there’s a great debate about electronic cigarettes right now, involving consumers, public health officials, scientists, and doctors. The basic question is this—Do e-cigarettes help people fight their addiction to cigarettes, or do they actually make it more difficult for smokers to cut back or quit? For the past 25 years, I have conducted nearly 100 published studies about smoking, and as both a researcher and [...]


NYC Vape Ban’s (un)Surprising Results

Undoubtedly much to the chagrin of the former mayor, more New Yorkers are smoking these days. According to the latest data from the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, adult smoking rates in New York City have risen to 16 percent, from an all-time low of 14 percent in 2010. Newscom That this is happening in a city where nanny-statist extraordinaire Michael Bloomberg spent a dozen years doing everything he could to limit [...]

NJOY Launches How-to site

Related Content SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — NJOY, a leading vaping company with a diverse portfolio of electronic cigarette and vaping products, has launched a new website, . By providing specialized category and product knowledge, the new website serves to educate retail partners, vaping enthusiasts and adult smokers who are newcomers to the vaping segment. "It is our goal to accelerate adult smoker adoption of vaping in mainstream trade channels following on the real growth [...]

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eCigs Worst Product to Hook Kids, Ever

Despite what the CDC says, e-cigarettes are still a very minor part of teens’ lives. This is according to a survey conducted in the UK.  Unlike the CDC which decided no means yes, the UK study looked not only at the number of kids vaping, but also the number of underage smokers who switched to […]

Jamaica: e-Cigarettes Aren’t Banned, They’re Just not Approved

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Ministry of Health today announced that there is no ban on e-cigarettes contrary to earlier reports. On Monday the Jamaica Customs Agency said that it had halted the clearance of electronic cigarettes from the wharf under instructions from the health ministry. However the Ministry is advising that the product, which contains nicotine, is not banned but requires registration and a permit to be imported into the island. Acting Permanent Secretary, [...]

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Best damn article I ever read: Bates’ Open Letter to Prohibitionists

public health Dear Public Health Grandees (you know who you are) I consider myself a public health advocate and, though I’m not a vaper and have never smoked, I support vaping as a tobacco harm reduction strategy, with enormous potential to reduce death and disease globally.  It’s a good approach for public health as it doesn’t require prohibitions, coercion, punitive taxes or rely on fear and it goes with the grain of behaviour and what people [...]

When Prohibitionists Attack (They Lose Jobs)

Professor John Ashton quit role as president of Faculty of Public Health Doctor was involved in venomous spat on micro-blogging site Twitter  Feels strongly about long-term effects of smoking electronic cigarettes | Updated: 02:52 EST, 14 September 2014 Professor John Ashton has stepped down from his role within the Faculty of Public Health following a vicious Twitter spat Professor John Ashton has stepped down from his role within the Faculty of Public Health following [...]

Professor John Ashton has stepped down from his role within the Faculty of Public Health following a vicious Twitter spat

eCigs Enter the World of Product Placement

Paid product placement in films has been off limits for tobacco companies for the past 16 years. But now e-cigarette companies like the Canada-based SmokeStik are buying screen time in films like the upcoming Cymbeline starring Milla Jovovich. Read related story. Photo: Benaroya Pictures LOS ANGELES—A new film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s "Cymbeline" stars Ethan Hawke and takes place in the present day. It even gives one lead character a very current accessory: an [...]

Pharma to Enter eCig Fray?

LONDON/NEW YORK (Reuters) – As electronic cigarettes flew off shelves on both sides of the Atlantic in recent years, investors flocked to a business some hope will be the future for tobacco.     Now sales growth is slowing from a 2011 peak and private funds are more cautious about the smokeless devices, making it harder for independent e-cigarette firms to raise capital and hitting their share prices.     The entry of Big Tobacco and [...]

BAT’s Medical eCig Gets Approval

Nicoventures, a company formed by British American Tobacco Plc (BATS) to develop substitute nicotine products, said it will sell a new alternative to cigarettes that has received U.K. approval to be prescribed by doctors. The Voke inhalation device will become the unit’s first licensed product after developer Kind Consumer gained approval from the U.K.’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, Nicoventures said today in an e-mailed statement. A further license is required to allow [...]

By the Numbers: UK Data Show eCigs Much Safer Than Alternatives

Jane Ellison (The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health; Battersea, Conservative) Reports of ‘suspected’ adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are collected by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency ( MHRA ) and Commission for Human Medicines through the spontaneous reporting scheme; the Yellow Card Scheme . The scheme collects ADR reports from across the whole United Kingdom and includes all medicines, including those from prescriptions, over-the-counter or general retail sales. Reports are also received [...]

MO Senators to Gov: No eCigs for Kids

Senators vote to ban selling e-cigarettes to kids Posted: Updated: JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Missouri senators have voted to override Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of legislation banning sales of electronic cigarettes to people under 18. Wednesday’s vote sent the measure to the House, where a two-thirds majority vote is needed for the veto override to be final. Nixon says he vetoed the bill because it also would exempt e-cigarettes from being taxed or [...]

Spiked Sings the Praises of eCigs

More than 50,000 lives could be saved in Britain every year if smokers switched to e-cigarettes. That was the conclusion last week of a group of experts writing in the journal Addiction . It was in response to a World Health Organisation (WHO) report which called for the use of e-cigarettes, or vaping, to be banned indoors and public places, because they might act as a ‘gateway’ for real cigarettes by ‘normalising’ smoking. The [...]

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Analyst: Tanks are In, Interesting Take on Dual Use

NAG-Bonnie Herzog NAG Conference hears analyst speculation about the future of these key categories. By Erin Rigik, senior editor Bonnie Herzog, managing director, beverage, tobacco & convenience store research for Wells Fargo Securities LLC kicked off the Monday afternoon sessions at the National Advisory Group (NAG) conference in San Antonio with updates on trends impacting the beverage and tobacco categories. Today, fuel comprises 80% of sales but only 35% of contribution margin for c-stores [...]

Stacking the Deck: eCig Industry Hands Tied While Opposition Runs Amok

WASHINGTON – E-cigarettes pose a public policy conundrum. They are a gateway drug – but it’s not, or hasn’t been, entirely clear in which direction most traffic through that gateway flows. For some existing smokers, particularly those for whom other efforts to quit have failed, electronic cigarettes offer the advantage of a nicotine delivery device without risking the health consequences of smoking tobacco. Meantime, for those not yet hooked, e-cigarettes present the risk of [...]