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Aviation Industry Questions eCig Safety

An opinion piece on an aviation site expressed concern over e-cigarettes.  Unlike most of the negative press you see about e-cigarettes, this concern may have a bit more legitimacy about the concern.  This was based off an incident in Boston where an e-cigarette in a checked bag smoldered. This, of course no cause to call […]

Prohibitionist Antics Derail Real Quit Attempts

Here’s one of those things that should surprise absolutely no one.  We’ve all assumed that the propaganda that is spread around by Big Prohibition would put some people off the idea of e-cigarettes and keep them in the warm embrace of Big Tobacco.  Apparently, now there’s actual proof.  Professor Siegel posted a story on his […]

Blu (UK) Laments Term “e-Cigarette”

The challenge of selling a controversial product

The Guardian posted an interesting article in its small biz section recently.  The article focused on companies that make controversial products and some of the difficulties they faced because of those products.  It turns out some won’t even get past the surface and will bolt before you can even explain the process.  The story included […]

Case Made Against eCigs More Like ADHD Episode

There is no safe way to smoke

Kentucky.com just posted an article that is incredibly scattered.  The article starts out to claim that cigarettes are just as safe as e-cigarettes.  It’s essentially a misdirection pulled off in the most ham-fisted and awkward manner possible. First the article lists many of the problems with actual cigarettes.  Then it regurgitates some of the typical […]

Watchdog Clearly Not Watching, Makes Stuff Up

Tobacco Companies to Do Everything Possible to Reduce E-Cigarette Regulations: Watchdog

In what is likely to be one of many, many attacks on e-cigarettes spouted by assorted groups that attended the WHO’s little shindig in Moscow this week, a watchdog group belies its complete ignorance of how Big Tobacco is handling e-cigarettes.  The news article screams that Big T is going to do everything in its […]

Have an Opinion Against Public Health? Astroturfer

Twitter “astroturfing” undermining public health initiatives? Say it ain’t so!

Having run out of valid concerns about e-cigarettes.  Actually, never having had any to begin with, public health has moved on to complaining about those who dare defy them.  There’s apparently been a study (read somebody got grant money for) examining the backlash Chicago got for essentially making up stuff about e-cigarettes. In that study […]

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