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Copper Stingray X Review – Send in the Clones

It seems these days there are more mechanical mods and clones than there are sea shells on the beach.  Sticking with that nautical theme is the Stingray clone from Gearbest.  The question remains: does this mod stick out in a sea of clones, or is it just another fish in the sea?  If you stay for […]

stingray x clone review title image

A-MOD Wild Wolf – Not Another Clone Review

In the vaping community, nothing seems to be a hotter topic these days than the issue of mechanical mod clones.  This is when a factory duplicates a typically artisan device and sells it for a fraction of the price.  Typically, these devices are very popular because of the lower prices.  One way around the issue […]

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Heimdall Clone Review – Black Beauty

Mechanical mods are certainly all the rage these days.  When something becomes popular, it’s bound to be imitated (or in this case, copied). That gives us the world of mod clones.  I have for you today a clone of the Heimdall Black from a company called Angel Cigs. Let’s take a closer look with our […]

Sunfire E Mod by MJTech: The Review

There’s a new advanced personal vaporizer that’s bound to hit store shelves soon.  It’s the Sunfire E Mod from MJTech. As of this writing, I haven’t been able to find a retailer currently carrying the device, though I suspect that won’t be the case for long.  Instead of the usual opening table of stuff, since […]

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Vaping for Frequent Drivers – Innokin iTaste DRV Review

The Innokin iTaste DRV is a specialized vaping device recently released by e-cigarette manufacturer Innokin. Essentially, the DRV is a dedicated in-car vaping system.  I’ll admit this probably isn’t a device for everyone, but for people who drive quite a bit, it might just be the best thing ever. Read the review and find out […]

Maraxus Clone Review

Welcome to the unusual world of mod “clones.”  These are versions of generally hand designed and very expensive models mass-produced by overseas factories and sold at much lower prices.  This review is of a clone of the Maraxus mod.  I know there’s some controversy over the idea of clones. By publishing this post (and similar […]

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smok magneto review title card

Smok Magneto Review – Midrange Mechanical Mod

Mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers seem to be quite popular amongst a certain segment of vapors.  I have to admit, I was a little slow in adopting the trend.  After all, I remember mechanical devices in the early days and once variable voltage became affordable, they seemed less relevant.  Of course now with high load […]

Innokin 134 Mini Review – a More Sensible 134 + iClear X.1

Innokin has had an interesting record.  Don’t get me wrong most of the advanced personal vaporizers they’ve put out have been great. There’s just been some oddball design choices like the Cool Fire II “grenade” and the huge iTaste 134 “mini-gun.”  Fortunately, there’s a solution to the latter, in the iTaste 134 Mini.  It even […]


Vapor Shark DNA 20 Display view

Ron Reviews Hardware: Vapor Shark DNA 20 Mod

The following review has been penned by Ron. Please enjoy his first foray outside of e-liquid reviews for Steve K’s Vaping World – SK The vaping world is rapidly changing especially when it comes to variable wattage mods that are using more powerful chipsets. In particular mods powered by the Evolv DNA 20 chipset that […]

Chaser Pipe Mod – Vape Like a Sir (on a budget)

I have to admit, there’s just something about pipes that give them some sort of feeling of sophistication.  Back in the day before “denormalization” you’d see smart guys in movies puffing away on a pipe.  e-Pipes aren’t exactly anything new, I’ve reviewed them before.  Most can be pretty pricey even though they are gorgeous.  Smoktech’s […]

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MadVapes Vortex Review Detail

MadVapes Vortex Review – Blowin’ Vapor

You know what e-cigarettes need?  A fan.  At least that’s the reasoning behind MadVapes’ latest in-house made mod. The idea isn’t quite as far-fetched as you might think. Check out the MadVapes Vortex review and see what’s blowin’ in the wind. MadVapes Vortex Design At first blush, the Vortex seems like a somewhat unremarkable device. […]

iTaste SVD by Innokin

Innokin is perhaps one of the most underrated companies in the e-cigarette industry. While that has begun to change with the popularity of releases like the iTaste MVP, they have been putting out really high quality stuff for quite a while.  Their latest release, the iTaste SVD ups the game and moves Innokin into the […]

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