Infinite Panzer Clone Review image

As I mentioned previously, I got a little care package from the good folks at Mt. Baker Vapor, chock full of clones.  This selection is of the Panzer clone, which is a little less subtle in its inspiration than the Cana I previously reviewed. Stick around and check out this review of the Infinite Panzer Clone.Read More →

stingray x clone review title image

It seems these days there are more mechanical mods and clones than there are sea shells on the beach.  Sticking with that nautical theme is the Stingray clone from Gearbest.  The question remains: does this mod stick out in a sea of clones, or is it just another fish in the sea?  If you stay for the rest of the review, I promise to stop with the maritime puns.Read More →

wild wolf mod review box image

In the vaping community, nothing seems to be a hotter topic these days than the issue of mechanical mod clones.  This is when a factory duplicates a typically artisan device and sells it for a fraction of the price.  Typically, these devices are very popular because of the lower prices.  One way around the issue is to actually make something original on a large scale.  Thats exactly what A-MOD/Wotofo did when they produced the limited edition Wild Wolf Mod. Read more about this device in the review after the break.Read More →