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A Tough Mod: Panzer Clone Review

Infinite Panzer Clone Review image

As I mentioned previously, I got a little care package from the good folks at Mt. Baker Vapor, chock full of clones.  This selection is of the Panzer clone, which is a little less subtle in its inspiration than the Cana I previously reviewed. Stick around and check out this review of the Infinite Panzer […]

Cana DNA 30 APV Review – Hardcore Box

cana dna 30 review title image

I’m a fan of Mt. Baker Vapor and I buy my all day e-liquid flavor in impossibly large bottles from there.  The company has started branching out from liquid into hardware and sell several advanced vaping devices.  This review is for the Cana DNA 30 box mod, a device I have to confess I’ve been […]

A-MOD Wild Wolf – Not Another Clone Review

wild wolf mod review box image

In the vaping community, nothing seems to be a hotter topic these days than the issue of mechanical mod clones.  This is when a factory duplicates a typically artisan device and sells it for a fraction of the price.  Typically, these devices are very popular because of the lower prices.  One way around the issue […]

Heimdall Clone Review – Black Beauty

heimdall mod review box image

Mechanical mods are certainly all the rage these days.  When something becomes popular, it’s bound to be imitated (or in this case, copied). That gives us the world of mod clones.  I have for you today a clone of the Heimdall Black from a company called Angel Cigs. Let’s take a closer look with our […]

Sunfire E Mod by MJTech: The Review

sunfire e mod review full kit image

There’s a new advanced personal vaporizer that’s bound to hit store shelves soon.  It’s the Sunfire E Mod from MJTech. As of this writing, I haven’t been able to find a retailer currently carrying the device, though I suspect that won’t be the case for long.  Instead of the usual opening table of stuff, since […]

Vaping for Frequent Drivers – Innokin iTaste DRV Review

itaste drv review card image

The Innokin iTaste DRV is a specialized vaping device recently released by e-cigarette manufacturer Innokin. Essentially, the DRV is a dedicated in-car vaping system.  I’ll admit this probably isn’t a device for everyone, but for people who drive quite a bit, it might just be the best thing ever. Read the review and find out […]

Maraxus Clone Review

maraxus clone card image

Welcome to the unusual world of mod “clones.”  These are versions of generally hand designed and very expensive models mass-produced by overseas factories and sold at much lower prices.  This review is of a clone of the Maraxus mod.  I know there’s some controversy over the idea of clones. By publishing this post (and similar […]

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