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BV-TE All-in-one eCig Starter Kit

Every once in a while I come across an e-cigarette that actually makes me say to myself, that seems like a good idea.  The BV-TE from a manufacturer called Bluvaper is one such device.  If you take a really tall CE4 style clearomizer and shove a battery inside it, you wind up with the BV-TE. […]

SmokeStik Pitbull e-Cigarette Review

SmokeStik is one of the grand old brands of the e-cigarette world. They were one of the first to try and make their kits a little prettier than you’re average cigarette. SmokeStik is also the e-cigarette Catherine Heigel famously puffed on Letterman. While I previously reviewed one of the company’s basic models a while back, […]

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