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Johnson Creek’s Vea e-Cigarette: Review

The Johnson Creek Vea e-cigarette has finally hit the market after months of previews and hints dropped by the company.  This marks the first attempt at e-cigarette hardware by the company which until now focused on its Smoke Juice line of e-liquids.  The Vea ecig was, according to the company, designed from the ground up […]

Johnson Creek Vea Starter Kit

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For the Ladies – Rocket 580 e-Cigarette Review

The Rocket 580 – an e-cigarette starter kit geared toward women The Rocket 580 available from Vapor Alley is an e-cigarette clearly aimed at female vapers.  At first I thought this was cynical pandering on the part of electronic cigarette manufacturers.  However, women represent a large part of the e-cigarette audience and even the major e-cigarette […]

Fin Electronic Cigarette Kits – A Review

Fin Electronic Cigarettes Review Fin Electronic Cigarettes is the online offshoot of e-cigarette brand My Finiti. While the Fin packaging and branding is different, they are essentially the same as the older Finti brand found in many bricks and mortar locations.  This Fin Electronics Cigarettes review will take a look at the two starter kit […]

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Vapor4Life Review – V4L’s Vapor Titan

Vapor4Life Review e-Cigarette brand Vapor4Life has recently started to expand their product line.  The Vapor Titan battery is one of the many additions along with things like cartomizer tanks and other items that have recently appeared on the shelves at Vapor4Life. Review material for today will focus on the company’s new flagship e-cigarette battery line. […]

Impressions of the eGo-C Tank System

Joye eGo-C Review – the eGo reinvented   The Joyetech eGo-C is a staple in the e-cigarette world.  The larger capacity and higher performance makes it the first step-up from standard mini e-cigarettes many people take.  The eGo-C  is a tank like the eGo-T but with a twist: replaceable, modular atomizers.  In this eGo-C review […]

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Innokin Leo PRO Review – A look at Innokin’s newest e-cig

Innokin recently announced its latest electronic cigarette, the Leo PRO. This new electronic cigarette features a tank atomizer system, long battery life, and better compatibility.  Throw in a few more handy features and it looks like the Innokin Leo Pro might be a viable contender in the space normally dominated by the Joye eGo. Read […]


e-Cigarette Review: The Smoker’s Halo Tank Starter Kit

Previously I wrote an electronic cigarette review that compared the standard e-cigarette kit from UK seller E Cigarette Direct against the 10 Motives disposable e-cig.  I’m following up with another e-cigarette review geared more towards vapers in the UK (and Europe and Australia).  This time we’re looking at the company’s newest offering, a refillable tank […]


UK e-Cigarette Comparison Review

This e-cigarette review is going to be a little bit different from the impressions e-cigarette reviews you might be used to.  A fair number of you visit this site from around the world.  Amongst my international visitors, UK visitors are the largest percentage. The folks at E Cigarette Direct, a UK company wanted to know […]


V2 Cigs V2 Ultimate Kit – Impressions

Lately, I’ve been branching out from specialty e-cigarettes into some of the more mainstream players in the electronic cigarette Industry.  V2 Cigs is one of the biggest brands on the market.  The company has been bragging lately they are the most popular e-cigarette retail site on the web (according to Alexa rankings).  Since a lot […]