aquacig card image

Open the textured, carbon fiber style case, pop a cartridge on the black battery and puff away gently as the blue LED lights the tip of the Aquacig e-cigarette. That’s the image that Aquacigs wants to portray with their line of traditional-style e-cigarettes. We’ll take a look at the offerings from this company and decide if there’s some cool to that blue glow or not.Read More →

The folks at Maya e-Cigarettes were kind enough to send over one of their basic starter kits and a selection of cartomizers for review.  While I must confess I wasn’t familiar with Maya, they told me that they’ve been in business for several years now.  I guess I don’t know everyone in the industry… yet.  I digress, let’s take a look at Maya’s offering and see where it stacks up in this review.Read More →

Vapourlites is a popular e-cigarette brand from the UK. You can tell they’re from the UK because of the U in the word vapour, but I digress.  Vapourlites e-cigarettes can be found both online and in many stores across the country.  The company recently sent me a copy of their disposable and their basic starter kit, so here we have the Vapourlites e-cigarette review.Read More →