V2 Cigs Starter Kit Revisited

V2 Cigs is one of the most popular e-cigarette companies in what I like to call the “big box” category. That is it’s a company that focuses on its own branded equipment that tends to focus more on the cigarette-like style of electronic cigarettes. V2 was one of the first big box brand I reviewed early on. That review continues to be popular, but I thought I’d get a current V2 Cigs starter kit to review to see if anything has changed.

777 eCigs Bullet Kit – Straight Shooting Starter Kit

777 eCigs has a new Bullet starter kit out and it’s pretty interesting. I’ve been reviewing your basic e-cigarette starter kit for a long time now. There are some good kits and some not so good ones. Either way, the basic design tends to be the same. The 777 Bullet has finally tried to change that up a little. Let’s review this e-cigarette kit and see if it’s going to be a thing.

Vantage Vapor Starter Kit Review


Vantage Vapor is an offshoot of V2 Cigs. Vantage Vapor is available both at its own website and eCigs.com which serves as a sort of affiliated V2 store. Where V2 Cigs has a wide variety of products and flavors and Vapor Couture has flashy devices geared toward women, Vantage shoots for a more simplified experience. Read through the rest of my Vantage Vapor review and find out if going back to basics is a good idea.

Vapor Couture – We Review the Feminine Side of eCigs

Vapor Couture is V2 Cigs e-cigarette brand made exclusively for women. In general, women account for around 85% of all consumer spending in the US, a fact that’s not lost on e-cigarette retailers as they increasingly try to court the ladies. In this Vapor Couture review I’ll tap into my feminine side to figure out if this is simple pandering or fulfilling an underserved niche in the electronic cigarette market.

E-Zip Review – e-Cigarettes in Disguise

The E-Zip e-cigarette looks like a classic Zippo lighter and is handy for getting my nostalgia on. While I don’t miss most things about smoking like the smell, the coughing and so forth, I do miss the accessories. I felt naked without a lighter in my pocket for the longest time. Thanks to the new e-Zip ecig, I can relive the glory days of my misspent youth. I suppose I should review the EZip and not just waxing nostalgic the whole post.

White Cloud Cirrus Starter Kit Review title image

White Cloud Cigs Cirrus Starter Kit Review

I recently acquired a White Cloud Cigarettes Cirrus variety kit to review. To be blunt, I’ve been aware of the company for a while, but the company’s electronic cigarettes were in a word, astonishingly expensive, so I never bothered with a review. The company’s recently lowered its prices across the board. While it’s still priced on the premium side of things, I thought there were some interesting things going on with the brand. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the offerings from White Cloud.

Vaepe Lounge Review title

Vaepe Lounge e-Cigarette Starter Kit Review

Vaepe is a UK-based electronic cigarette company that produces very sleek Scandinavian designed e-cigarettes. The company has a line of e-cigarettes with hip-sounding names like Studio and Club. The company has recently setup a US version of their site and lowered shipping to the states making this an option for US vapers. In this review, I’m going to take a look at their Lounge offering, which is their traditional-style e-cigarette that uses their unique Eliq cartomizers.

777 ecigs review triple seven starter kit

777 eCigs Starter Kit Review

777 (Or Triple Seven) eCigs is another entrant in the traditional electronic cigarette space. The company offers a variety of starter kits, disposables, and e-liquid. They sent me a sampling of some of their products so we’re going to do a quick Triple Seven eCigs starter kit review to find out if this company will be able to stand up in the market.

e-swisher e-cigarette line title image

Swisher’s Entry into the eCig Market (A Review)

Not too long ago, I pointed out in an e-cigarette news update that cigar company Swisher was coming out with a line of e-cigarettes.  The line was going to include both kits and disposables, along with a disposable cigar with their unique Swisher Sweets flavor. I reached out to the good folks over at Swisher since I knew some of my readers would be curious.  They sent me their line of products to try and write a Swisher electronic cigarette review.  So, let’s take a look at the cigar maker’s foray into our world of e-cigarettes.

the safe cig review

Review: The Safe Cig Original Starter Kit

The Safe Cig is one of the original electronic cigarette companies around.  The company itself claims they introduced e-cigarettes in the US.  Yet until now I haven’t written a Safe Cig review.  Let’s take a look at the company’s offering and see if being around for a while has helped or hindered the brand.