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A Most Unusual E-Cigarette the Esco E2 Space Needle

If you’re looking for something a little different in an e-cigarette, the E2 Space Needle is an unusual e-cigarette that should turn some heads.  The device is built around the reliability of the eGo line but its looks make it stand alone.  Boasting a large and bulbous tank, the E2 Space Needle would make a unique addition to anyone’s collection. Did I mention it’s inexpensive too?

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A Square Review of the Innokin iTaste VV (version 2)

innokin itaste vv review box imageIt’s sleek, it’s variable voltage and it’s… square.  The Innokin iTaste is the latest foray into variable voltage by a major e-cigarette manufacturer. Unlike the wildly popular Joye eGo Twist, Innokin’s offering packs in a number of unique features.  The question is whether these features are must-haves or strange novelties. We’ll find out as we dive into the Innokin iTaste Review.

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Nicotek Metro Designer Pack: Camo – Review

Metro Electronic Cigarettes recently released its line of Designer Pack e-cigarettes.  The designer packs are designed to be both stylish and low-cost.  The company offers its special line-up in Midnight, “Chick Stick” and Camo.  The company sent one of its Camo designer packs to try out.  And here  you’ll hear my thoughts on this kit in my Metro Camo Designer Pack review.

Johnson Creek Vea Starter Kit

Johnson Creek’s Vea e-Cigarette: Review

The Johnson Creek Vea e-cigarette has finally hit the market after months of previews and hints dropped by the company.  This marks the first attempt at e-cigarette hardware by the company which until now focused on its Smoke Juice line of e-liquids.  The Vea ecig was, according to the company, designed from the ground up for vapers by vapers.  Find out if they hit it out of the park or struck out in this review of the Johnson Creek Vea.

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This e-Cigarette Review is a Bunch of Bullsmoke

For those of you who thought there just weren’t any western themed e-cigarettes on the market, think again.  I’ve had a chance to shake down some of the gear offered by e-cigarette company Bullsmoke.  With starter kits named the City Slicker and Ranch Hand, I guess they have you covered on the western front.  So, is this an e-cig John Wayne would be proud to vape?  Read the rest of this here Bullsmoke review and find out, pilgrims!