Zemo Cigs Basic Kit Review

Zemo Cigs was kind enough to reach out to me recently and offer up samples of their basic starter kit and disposable e-cigarette for review.  The gear is of the traditional e-cigarette variety. It actually seems like these models are becoming more rare as the traditional brands are scrambling to get on the midrage e-cigarette bandwagon.  Here’s a quick look at Zemo’s sampler starter kit.

Up to 35% off at V2 Cigs (Too)

v2 cigs ex battery image

I should have known that if Vapor Couture was having a sale, V2 Cigs wouldn’t be far behind. Sure enough, they are having the same deal this Memorial Day weekend.  You can score 25% off your entire purchase.  Since there’s no coupon code required, you can stack my special code stevevape to get another 10% off on top of that.  Not too shabby.

Up to 35% off at Vapor Couture

vapor couture review title image

Vapor Couture, the e-cigarette brand dedicated to providing stylish e-cigarettes and accessories for the ladies out there is having a huge Memorial Day sale.  They’re taking a cool 25% off storewide.  As they say on late night TV: but wait, there’s more!  The discount is applied automatically, so you can stack my special coupon code along with that nice sale.  Just use code stevevape at checkout and get an extra 10% off your order.