1. Thanks for the review, I was wondering between smokymizer or new Vortex2… still undecided…

    1. I have some Vortex V2s on their way, so hopefully by this time next week I'll have a review for those up here as well, maybe that will help :)

  2. Thanks Steve, very helpfull information. It does sound like a lot of work involved just to vape.

    My recent post The SS Copper

    1. You do kind of get used to dealing with that cap, but it still adds extra stuff to deal with. I hope they continue to revise these like they did with the CE2s to come up with a design that doesn't require its own tool. Hopefully without losing the ability to use a standard drip tip. All these cartos coming out that use some kind of proprietary tip drive me crazy.

      1. brought 2 packs from different well known sites. they were poorly made in each test buy. one seller even gave me another replacement pack but they were still poor for the following reasons. they often had pre-existing liquid inside and looked like they had been washed out before they were packed and sealed. in each test buy and the replacement 3 out of the 5 carto's – the e-liquid poured straight out of the bottom of the 510 connection. all of it just leaked straight out. two worked ok in each pack. The area where the tiny plug is put in, the small chamber, also filled up with e-liquid regularly. when they do work they are a great vape. dont bother trying to clean and re-assemble – its impossible, just throw away. my enquiries revealed they had been badly constructed in china in the end. the fact i brought from two very different sites shows theres a bunch of bad product out there full stop. the products i brought were different colours of the CE3 smokymizer.

        1. Possibly a dumb question, but was the little black stopper put back in? It will leak like crazy without that tiny black stopper in place. With it in place, I didn't have any leak, also from 2 different batches from 2 different vendors. Condensation does tend to build up in the chamber between the mouthpiece and the inside though. I hate to say it but I'm not entirely surprised to hear about quality control problems, it seems to be common in a lot of the inexpensive Chinese hardware, especially clearomizers.

  3. My stopper went back in. I picked these up from uh, a "devilish" store. They blow! Like Jagsaund said, the liquid just drained out the bottom. The black stopper was in.

    1. I haven't had any leak with the stopper in. If I had to guess based on other stuff like the G4s and Buddy tanks, there's likely not a good seal somewhere, or the wick isn't quite in right allowing too much air to escape. I'm interested to see if/when they do revisions on this design if they might find away to improve the wick system (like make it actually possible to reassemble and lose the black stopper) Did all of them do that, or just the one so far?

  4. I REFUSE to buy anything from that company. I had something in my cart out of their sale link, and by the time I went to go pay, the sale ended….and my cart was empty. I called them and said that the item was IN MY BASKET and was about to pay. They basically told me "Too bad, sale is over". So, poop on them. They lost a potential loyal customer.

        1. That's unfortunate. I've only placed a couple orders with them for some basic stuff, so I haven't run into customer service.

  5. Thanks for the info on this. I contemplated trying these out, but I'm glad I read ur review first. I know I would drop that stupid plug somewhere and never find it! Plus, having to fumble around with the little plug and tweezers doesn't sound very convenient.

    1. I'm hoping these will get a revision at some point that will make them more user friendly.

      1. Me too! I liked the idea of it being able to hold so much liquid, as it appeared. Cleaning it looks to be a big pain in the a**.

      2. I've added your site to my favorites. I've been experimenting (or cheating, so to speak) with ecig stuff for about 5 months now…….looking for the perfect fit for me. I just ordered the Joye 510 and am waiting its arrival. Right now I'm on 21st Century Smoke and boiling cartomizers. I also have the other 21 Century Smoking brand (diff company), but I won't be buying from them again. Too expensive. I buy all my liquid from ecblend.com cuz they are very decently priced, and they have child-proof caps on the bottles. I have kids so that was a bonus for me. I lock all my ecig stuff in a lock box and put it up high. On a diff note, I took my sis-in-law to the store with me the other day and let her smoke a reg cig in my vehicle. I was amazed on how putrid the cig smoke was to me! LOL! I'm NEVER going back to tobacco!

        1. First of all, thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying the site and find it useful. Knowing that people find it of use keeps me going every day :)

          Switching to e-cigarettes is a lot like quitting in that very often the smell of traditional cigarettes is pretty unpleasant. And to think, that's exactly how we used to smell :)

          Good point about keeping this stuff away from kids. I have a lock box and keep stuff high. However some of the stuff I get in but haven't used yet isn't always secured since it doesn't have nicotine in it, I'm not too worried. Except of course I had a very expensive atomizer I was going to review go missing, and nobody wants to admit to it. Lesson learned there I think :)

          1. I will definately check back with u often! Thanks so much for the input on this stuff. It helps the rest of us in not wasting money on crap that doesn't work! LOL!^_^

            1. Thanks, I frequently make bad purchases, so if it can do some good for others, that's great!

  6. I got some from the same "devilish" supplier and they leaked like crazy. I wrote them and they acted like I was the only one that had that problem. Do they think that we are stupid? The forums are full of people having the same problem. They say that I am getting a credit for the two packs that I bought, I have yet to see it. FYI, the price has been dropped to about $6 so I guess they have not been the best seller…

    1. Yeah, TW is indeed clearing them out, like they did with the CE2s when they decided they weren't good quality.  They now have the following note on the product page.  I certainly have not had any short out a battery, that's downright disturbing.  Maybe they'll fix some of the other issues/annoyances that have been reported with these things while they are at it.Although we believe the CE3 Smokymizers to be a great product concept, there have been a small number of reported incidents where the Smokymiser is believed to have been responsible for the shorting of a tornado battery. To address this matter, we are liaising with the manufacturers to isolate any design flaws and selling our remaining stock at a 50% discount. Please be aware we can offer no warranty on the Smokymizers at this current discounted price nor any related affects when used in conjunction with your device. 

  7. Been using CE3 for couple of weeks now and haven't had any trouble filling them. No leaks either. A lot better than cartos or tanks. Didn't buy from TW.

    1. I'm not sure if TW is really any different from anywhere else, although nobody has mentioned any shorting issues other than that company, so I don't know what the deal is there.  Glad you are enjoying the CE3s, like most things e-cigarette everyone has a little different experience from others.  I never really had much leaking myself on these.

  8. I have the CE3's and I really do like them! There is a bit more work than a pre-filled carto but I haven't had any problems. Yes condensation builds up but you can either use the syringe and pull it our or shake it out. and if you use a rubber cap on the end it wont leak at all! I think the pros outweigh the cons and i will recommend these until i find something that i like better but for the time being these are a good one.

    1. Author

      Glad they've been working out for you. It's cool to see so many opinions for and against these things :)

    2. I'm also in the "love CE3's" crowd. I too when condensation accumulates in the top reservoir tend to pull the drip tip off and draw the juice out with a syringe to return to the bottle. That said as I generally fill half a dozen at a time to keep on rotation, I have sometimes found myself pulling of nearly half a ml of juice at each refill.
      Alternatively, if I am not at home just using a bit of tissue paper to clean up the excess does the trick.

      The bung is the annoying point, on that I certainly agree! I have lost more than a few of them. Experience helps a lot. The advice given in Steve K's article is very good and not far from what I do myself. One addition I would make is to make sure your tweezers are clean and the bung is too. Having either of these wet with juice makes losing the little buggers so much more likely!
      One tip I have found is that after drawing off excess juice with a syringe use a cotton bud to actually remove the bung and drop it straight onto tissue paper. Use the and of the cotton bud to roll it around a bit before you fill and then it should be nice and dry before you try to pick it up with the tweezers.

      In the first pack I tried on of them shorted my battery from new. As it was only one of the five I did not complain to the supplier and of all the others I have used since I have not had another electrical problem with one until this afternoon, when one I had half vaped went. This was after two or three weeks of being used in rotation (It stopped producing any vapour on my Lava Tube and made a fully charged eGo battery tell me it need charging – I assume these are signs of a short).
      One of the nice things though about CE3s is that when one does go wrong it is easy to draw the existing juice out of it to return to a bottle for use in something else.

      Cleaning of them is a nightmare as is stated. Pulling them apart is the easy bit but I have never put one back together with any success. I do love the Engrish on the instruction card though: "dry burn and place all in good way"! Lovely. Don't tell us how, just tell us to do it in a good way!

      I know this all sounds like I hate them but the opposite is very much the case. They may be fiddly and have the odd quality control issue but overall they have given me a far better tasting and more consistent vape as well as having a better life expediency of anything else I have tried so far. I have only been vaping for three months and so am well aware that there are many things I haven't tried, but the CE3s are doing it for me and vaping is yet another area of human endeavour where one size very rarely fits all.

      If someone comes out with something that has an improved version of the filling system of the X7 Micromizer and without the stupid annoying LED that wastes capacity, I think I will be sticking with CE3s. They may be fiddly but I find them great.

      Of course, this is just my anecdotal personal experience and your mileage may vary…

      1. Author

        There are some interesting new cartos coming out. I have a review of one coming up next week. And it looks like CE4s are coming, probably the beginning of next month. I'll try and get my hands on some soon, but it looks like they may be eGo versions of the CE3… we'll see if they have any fixes.

  9. BEWARE! They will short out your battery. I loved the CE3s so much that i refused to believe it. But 4 batteries later and after trying every other possibility. The darn things short batteries. Including 2 brand new ego-t.

  10. Good review.
    I would only add that the thing leaks like a champ and reassembling it after cleanign is indeed not the easiest of the tasks.

    1. Author

      Indeed. You might want to check out the recent review I did of the CE3 XL which is another bottom coil put out by a different company. It's clearly a ripoff, but doesn't do either of the things you mentioned :)

  11. I have been using for a year now and I love them. They very rarely leak.
    I have tried many other carto and nothing – absolutely nothing came even close to the ce3.
    The best part of the ce3 is the flavor. I had no idea how good my liquids tasted until I started using the ce3. This is why I am sticking with it.
    Folks are talking about retiring it for the x7. This is stupid for two reasons:
    – the x7 has the led light. Therefore it is for immature adult – not to use in a professional environment.
    – the x7 forces you to use the rubber drip tip – which is pretty crappy.

    Because it is getting very hard to buy the ce3. I just bought 50 of them yesterday directly from china. This should hold me for another year before royal smoker comes with something better (and it is not going to be the x7 – that one is a failure).

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