Cyprus Mail Goes for Trifecta

For the third day in a row, the Cyprus Mail ran an article pointing out that the government of that country is completely clueless about e-cigarettes.  The article was written following the country’s health agency meeting.  The health agency used solid scientific foundations to examine e-cigarettes and determine that they pose a lower… Oh who am I kidding?  They read the FDA press release and decided they need to lobby the EU to ban the things.

cyprus flagTHE HEALTH ministry last night urged the public to be careful in the use of electronic, or e-cigarettes, following a meeting to discuss the issue.

It said people should not use e-cigarettes as a means to give up smoking tobacco products.

A statement from the ministry said there is currently no specific legislation on e-cigarettes either in Cyprus or in the EU. However under a forthcoming review of the directive on tobacco products, some provision will be considered.

At this point, if you look to the 2009 FDA press release as your only source of information on e-cigarettes, you either live under a rock or are willfully blind.  Obviously this move should come as a surprise to no one since this has been telegraphed for the last week.

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