1. >"The odd gizmo is also useful for keeping cartomizers topped off and prevent burning."

    Am thinking about getting one of these but I'm curious how it keeps from pumping the juice down the breathing hole on cartomizers?

    If you covered that in your review I apologize for missing it.


  2. Good point, I think I covered it in a forum post, but not in the review. Basically if it's feeding well while you're vaping, odds are you won't have the thing lined up straight up and down, but rather at a bit of an angle. This should allow the juice to slide down. Also when it's autofeeding it's not going to come out in a standard drop but will sort of ooze out and probably go down the sides as well.

    If you manually squeeze it, just make sure you tilt it so it's not perfectly vertical and you should be fine.

  3. Love this, I can just see the what is he smoking faces on the crowd.

    Looks at home on the SP3 a chunky little black device, almost pipelike. I will add this to my cart when I get the VV eGo (style) passthru.

    Nice review!

    1. Thank you! It kind of looks like a pipe on a stick on the SP3 or the ProVari

  4. Read through the 12 pages of comments on ECF and only saw one dissatisfied user, that's amazing for a new product. I recall when the eGo tanks first came out it was about 50/50 from day one.

    It was helpful to have MadVapes and the inventor of the product joining in to help with minor problems, like no bottles available. -)


  5. I've seen a few here and there where it doesn't work 100% of the time. My experiences are similar. I imagine there are just too many variables for it to work perfectly with everything. The owner of MadVapes seems like a guy who's really dedicated to vaping and general, so it's always good to see him so involved.

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