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Welcome to the first e-Cigarette News Roundup of 2012! We have stories from both 2011 AND 2012 for your enjoyment.  How’s that for having a foot in the past and the present? Today we look at the Holland e-cigarette ban again, we see a TV station trying very hard to create electronic cigarette controversy where there is none.  Also a friendly reminder to think about stocking up on supplies ahead of the Chinese New Year, and yet another e-cigarette brand tries to get off the grand.  So jump in to today’s e-cigarette news, and welcome to the future!

e-Cigarette Article in AdAge

Upstart brand Spire  made an appearance in print over the weekend.  Industry publication Advertising Age ran a piece on e-cigarettes and the marketing tactics they have to use in the current environment.  The piece featured  Spire, nJoy and blu Cigs.  Reading between the lines is, perhaps, the most interesting part of the article.

image: blu Cigs

But a spokesman said  [blu Cigs] will focus more on benefits such as freedom moving forward. “We’re coming close toward legislation in the next two years, so it’s time to establish the brand even stronger,” said Mr. Healy. “The tack with everyone here is to stay constantly aggressive.”

Here’s the thing, prior to the FDA’s move to close comments in 2011 on potential regulation moves that may eventually impact e-cigarettes, the agency had closed-door meetings with several big companies including nJoy.  It’s pretty clear to me that these companies believe the competitive and marketing landscape is going to change over the next couple years.  blu Cigs recently started flying the CASAA banner on their home page.  It’s starting to look a lot like ants scurrying around before a storm.



Holland Redux

Outspoken critic Dick Puddlecote posted a blog article with more insight into the Dutch e-cigarette ban.  He was able to have a friend translate the original Dutch document I mentioned in the previous e-cigarette news update to gain more insight.  Apparently, the Dutch have been fairly reasonable about tobacco control until this rash decision to treat e-cigarettes as medical products.

You know I just HAD to do it

What they actually say is that the e-cig will be considered as a drug (compared with patches and gum). This will mean that it needs a license from the Dutch FDA and trade over internet or ads are not allowed until the license is given.

Dick also points out that the quest to kill e-cigarettes is purely a pharmaceutical industry move, as big tobacco will likely come out with competing products once the dust settles.  I don’t report on stories from this blog often enough, I highly recommend you go read the article.



More of a non-event

KMVT out of Idaho ran a story that seemed a bit like making the proverbial mountain out of a molehill.  The story was essentially about state efforts to ban sales of electronic cigarettes to minors.  However the language in the story alluded to wider bans nodding to other locations that have taken the illogical step of banning e-cigarettes.

Little Johnny vapes huge plumes of vapor

South Central Public Health District Director Rene LeBlanc says, “The Panhandle Health District was successful in contacting a senator and representative up north, providing them the information they need that would prohibit the sale of e–cigarettes to minors.”

I suppose the station had to do something.  Controversy sells (no comments from the peanut gallery).  Since absolutely nobody is against forbidding the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, the spectre of keeping adults away from the devices had to be used.



Happy New Year!

First a warm wish for 2012 for all my readers.  Second, a reminder that the Chinese New Year is just around the corner (January 23rd).  For those of you that don’t know, the world’s most populated country shuts down officially for one week, but the impact to business can last much longer. According to this article, the entire country just gets up and leaves town for a while.

2012 is the year of the dragon

The most distinctive characteristic of the Lunar New Year in China — from a business perspective — is that every one of the 1.4 billion Chinese citizens will try to return to their hometown, even if it means flying halfway across the globe, enduring the most uncomfortable or dangerous conveyance imaginable, or even in extreme but all-too-common cases, quitting their job to make the journey possible.  We should note for the China neophyte that one’s “hometown” means one’s grandfather’s hometown, not “the city where your immediate family currently lives”. Due to the colossal numbers of people who have migrated from rural areas to urban cities over the last few decades, massive numbers of travelers are seen in the days leading up to the Lunar New Year.

This of course means that if your favorite supplier didn’t stock up on things made in China there might be shortages. Even if you buy gear and e-liquid made in the US, most hardware like cartomizers is produced in China. Most likely this will be felt in February as the manufacturers will have a backlog to work through.



New e-Cigarette Brand in 2012

According to a report in Crain’s New York Business, a former Proctor & Gamble exec is planning on launching a new nationwide e-cigarette brand this month.  The brand, called Spire is currently being sold locally in New York ahead of its national rollout.  Spire joins an already crowded field of basic e-cigarette vendors.

image: Spirecigs.com

Spire products are currently being sold at a handful of New York City bars and clubs, including Webster Hall, but Mr. Hill plans a national rollout this month, replete with “brand ambassadors”—returning Iraq War veterans and others—who will help promote the smokeless smokes to his target audience: the military, college students and others.

Slick marketing plans are not exactly a novel approach in the electronic cigarette space.  We’ll see if Spire joins the ranks of other big-name e-cigarettes like V2 Cigs and blu Cigs or ends up being yet another in the big pile of also rans.





Electronic Cigarette Deal of the Moment

Ok, here’s another entry from the not actually a deal department.  Vapor Alley just took the wraps off their newest Copper Mod for 2012, the Q2v3 copper.  This mod houses a bigger battery and also has nice rounded edges if you were put off by the industrial look of the original Copper.  You can pick one up at Vapor Alley now.  If you’re a member over at ECF, you can enter for a chance to win one of these guys as well.


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6 thoughts on “e-Cig News Roundup 1/2/12 – Mad e-Cigarette Men

  • Jacob

    Here is a question on something I do not think you have ever covered. I noticed for sale online those screw-in battery caps, like what adorns the tops of the eGo and larger eGo-T batteries. They are the silver portion with battery switch on the side, standard female screw on the top and clamps (I suppose clamps) on the lower sides in order to attach to the batteries. So what about when batteries are still working perfectly fine but the threads get stripped and they will no longer hold the atomizer or cartomizer – it would be nice to know if it is possible to repair the batteries and how one goes about replacing the screw-top switch element that fits on top. Do you know if there is any repair instructions on how to remove and replace that particular element on top of the battery? Just wondering, maybe you might.

  • Steve K Post author

    I'm not really sure I've seen anything. I've seen a video somewhere showing how to swap out batteries on eGos, but I haven't seen full replacement switch assemblies. eGo batteries can be had inexpensively when there's a sale going on, that I never really thought about repairing one.

    One option, if the threading isn't too far gone is to stick a 510-510 adapter on it to keep the thread from stripping any further. That might prevent eGo-specific hardware from connecting properly, but would be fine for standard cartomizers and things.

  • Jacob

    Here is one such place offering it for sale and what it is I am talking about (not a plug for this outlet or this thing for sale either, just to show what it is and that I have seen it for sale online before): http://www.heaven-gifts.com/product-319.html

    But it is that silver part that fits atop the ego battery, and in the case of one battery that is full of life but has stripped threads, too far gone to even use an adapter and expect it to hold firmly, it's like throwing about twenty dollars with the next larger size up being a thirty dollar battery and has me worried if the larger size one ever strips threads.

    So, that is why I was asking, how they connect atop the battery, if anyone knows.

    • Steve K Post author

      Thanks for the link, I hadn't run across one of those, even at MadVapes which carries just about every other part. From the looks of it, I think that's being sold for people who want to build some kind of mod.

      Have you seen this video on YouTube? It's instructions on how to swap out a dead battery in a good eGo (sort of opposite of your issue). It might give you some insight on how to pull yours apart. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaOVmidfMhU

      Otherwise, maybe someone who's done such an operation will come along and let us know, it's a very interesting idea.

  • Jacob

    Thanks for the video link. It shows how to take everything apart except for that top piece with the threads, but at least shows enough to get started. Looks like a risk of breaking the wire at the bottom in order to get everything out of the tube, in order to expose the battery and the switch/screw-top mechanism. I will have to think about if it's worth that much trouble, though the battery is perfectly fine anyhow and is good for a spare "just in case". I should note this maybe – but the cone which everyone says is "optional" – I had not been using the cone and I think carrying it in my pocket allowed the cartomizers and atomizers to get pushed back and forth and back and forth and back and forth – enough times it helped loosen those threads. Now I am using the cone at all times on my new batteries – because the cone isn't entirely decorative in this case – if you think about it, it helps hold the carto/atomizers in place, so they can't get bent side to side in your pocket.

  • Errol


    Just came across this thread a week late but if you are following this thread email me. I have a bat that came apart at the top so I can tell you what you would be up against but mostly I think I could help you salvage your battery without the hassle of trying to tear it apart, solder and reassembly. [email protected]


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