1. I definitely have to give these a shot Steve. The ability to vape beyond 4.5 volts and the thicker wick is making me take a second look at these carto's. I've always avoided them in the past due to price as well. ~ Mech
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  2. This one really has sort of restored my faith in CE2s. Of course it's not going to help with the price. Now I need to find something I can run it on at 5v besides my VV box mod.

  3. These are my favorite choice or vaping. They may cost more but you can’t kill them. The flavor is the best in my opinion too. I just wish I could fit one in a 5ml tank. I think that might just destroy anything else on the market! Hint hint

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      I'd say give it time. They're working on the CE2 tanks (they need to keep working on them) it won't be long before they jam two coils in there.

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