e-Cigarette News Roundup 12-14 – Don’t say anything stupid

Welcome to the end of yet another week. What a week it was too!  There’s some great stories from the middle of this week and some prohibitionists behaving badly as well. Oddly, this update has fewer news items than the early Tuesday edition. Whatever the reason eCigs have been a hot topic in the news world. Let’s jump in and get to this week’s e-cigarette news roundup!



FDA Hearing Coming Next Week

The FDA is having a hearing December 17th on smoking cessation and nicotine replacement.  While the public hearing isn’t about electronic cigarettes per se, advocates of the devices and other harm reduction methods plan to have their say at the proceedings. Most of the notables in THR will likely be speaking.  eCig Advanced reports that Dr. Polosa has submitted a letter to the FDA in support of electronic cigarettes as well. For those of you not familiar, Dr. Polosa is the researcher behind the study that showed e-cigarettes helped people who didn’t even want to quit to cut down their smoking or quit altogether.

It should be an interesting hearing.  The previous hearing by the FDA was on dissolvable tobacco products, yet there was a huge turnout of both harm reduction advocates and every day vapers.  I’m sure this time, with increased noise about FDA regulation, there will be even more support.


Midsize eCigs Get Ink in Gizmodo

Well knock me over with a feather.  Gizmodo’s UK site did an e-cigarette showdown to find the best device.  These sort of articles pop up in sites like Gizmodo from time to time. What is different is the particular products that faced off in this comparison article. The first was what you’d expect, a traditional E-Lites starter kit. That was the only traditional kit, after that, the devices all went midrange.  There were two eGo kits, Totally Wicked’s Odyssey, and the winner of the showdown?  A bona fide variable voltage device. Innokin’s iTaste Express with the MVP taking an honorable mention.

eGos are certainly solid devices, and I like the iTaste, particularly the MVP.  I suppose one could argue there are even better midrange devices out there like some of the VV eGos. But, I’m just amazed anything other than cigarette-like e-cigarettes made it into a large consumer electronics site.


Oh, Canada Part VII

It seems that some in Canada have a serious grudge against e-cigarettes.  The country’s health agency has long been opposed to the devices putting out consumer advisories about the danger of e-cigarettes and prohibiting the importation of e-liquid and e-cigarettes containing nicotine into the country.  Health Canada was also instrumental in drafting some of the very hardline approaches the WHO has taken with electronic cigarettes.  Apparently that wasn’t enough, the Kingston Whig-Standard out of Ontario published an article that has some real gems of quotes from Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Public Health.

Holy exaggeration Batman!  All this from a country where you can’t just buy nicotine e-cigarettes at convenience stores.  Speaking of which, 1,000mg/ml is 100% pure nicotine and is essentially a biological weapon. If an e-cigarette in a store were to have a leaky cartridge and actually contained pure nicotine, everyone in the store at the time would likely be dead or seriously ill. This sort of rhetoric makes the FDA look like CASAA.


The Crystal Ball

The Ashtray Blog recently posted an article about the future electronic cigarettes.  The blog asked 10 of the top vaping personalities (including yours truly) to give their predictions about the industryin the upcoming year.  Some predictions focused on technological innovation, but many included divinations on the political side of e-cigarettes. While there was a diversity of disagreement on timing, most agreed that national agencies are going to start moving forward on regulation.  I hate to say it, but my predictions were perhaps the most dire.

Nobody likes being wrong but I’m hoping I am.  Either way, I have to say I’m  honored to be asked about my thoughts on the future and be published alongside so many excellent voices in the vaping community.  I normally reserve these sneak peeks for the newsletter, but, I actually wrote a lot of predictions for that piece that weren’t used.  I’ll be publishing an article at the end of the month with my full list of predictions, so stay tuned!


Industry Insiders with Mixed Predictions

e-cigarette imageApparently, December is the time for predictions. CSPNet recently posted a prediction article of their own. That article featured an analyst from UBS and a director from Swedish Match, a snus company.  Each expert had differing opinions of the future of the e-cigarette category. The Snus executive wasn’t quite upbeat about electronic cigarettes noting they could be facing additional hurdles and ban attempts because they look like smoking.  The analyst was downright optimistic about the potential of e-cigarettes.

It seems to me like the truth lies somewhere in the middle of these two opinions. Ultimately, I think e-cigarettes will gain acceptance. On the other hand, I doubt they’ll be welcomed with open arms by lawmakers any time soon.


Deal of the Moment

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