e-Cigarette News Roundup 9/26/11 – A flair for the dramatic

This week starts off with a fairly typical array of e-cigarette news stories from over the weekend. We have another volley in the war from the anti camp (firing from positions on high ground, unfortunately), some wacky news, and some vendor activity.  You probably won’t be surprised by today’s entries, but perhaps you may be a little entertained.  But first, we’ll start with a little bit of frustrating.

Georgetown Hops on the Quit or Die Bandwagon

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This is pretty much a rehash of the New England Journal of Medicine article that made the rounds last month.  George Town University posted an article on its site which can’t really be classified as anything but an attack on the devices.  The article stops short of painting the devices as portable gas chambers.

“It has the practical effect of allowing manufacturers to sell potentially dangerous refined nicotine products directly to consumers,” explains Cobb, a pulmonologist and research investigator at theLegacy’s Steven A. Schroeder National Institute for Tobacco Research and Policy Studies led by Abrams. “It is entirely possible that future modifications to the products will improve the efficiency of nicotine delivery and could dramatically increase the risks of addiction, abuse and serious overdose.”

Georgetown can’t really be faulted for running this since it’s basically just mentioning one of its faculty was part of this study from an organization that appears to feel smokers should either quit using approved pharmaceutical products, or die (or maybe die because of the pharmaceuticals).

Comedy Club Humorless over e-Cigarettes

While the UK government shows some signs of thawing the chill over e-cigarettes, private businesses aren’t necessarily all warm and fuzzy with the devices.  The News out of Portsmouth in the UK reports that a comedy club patron was denied re-entry to a local comedy club after being spotted vaping inside the club.

She said: ‘I was absolutely shocked. They refused to let me back in, I wasn’t even allowed to get my handbag, which my husband had to bring it out. They told me I had been smoking inside, which I denied. It was obviously a pretend cigarette.’

In the club’s defense, they stated in the article that they have a policy against all forms of tobacco including the e-cigarette.  The club further alleges that they refused the woman re-entry largely because she was being of obnoxious, not necessarily because she was vaping.

Mr. Cameron Goes to Washington
The Safe Cig reports on their blog that company CEO John David Cameron recently took the word of e-Cigarettes on the road. The CEO recently spoke to the National Press Club about the devices in light of the DOT ban news that recently set traditional media all aflutter, rehashing stories that mostly spoke of the FDA’s fear mongering related to the device.

Cameron was a pack a day cigarette smoker for over ten years who managed to quit smoking due to the aid of electronic cigarettes. Since then Cameron has devoted all his time and resources into further understanding and researching electronic cigarettes which he believes has the potential to stamp out tobacco cigarettes.

In case you’re wondering, John David Cameron, CEO of The Safe Cig is the brother of Hollywood director James Cameron.  The company has been fairly vocal in their support of e-cigarettes.  I’m still waiting for the more positive mainstream news stories in the wake of Mr. Cameron’s talk.

Big Changes at V4L
Vapor4Life recently launched a new look for its website, a companion blog, and most recently announced a new line of e-juice, Nobacco Juice.  In a press release the company outlines how the new liquid fits in their current offerings.

This new liquid line is the fourth in a series that V4L offers. The other lines are Premium Nobacco Juice, WOW Vapor Juice, and WOW VG Juice. Milin said “Our customers expect high-quality products because that’s what they’re used to from V4L. We have always delivered from the very beginning, and will continue to.”

You can check out the company’s new look and offerings at V4L.com

Deal of the Moment
MadVapes features an e-liquid five pack in each of its weekly newsletters. You can pick up 5 10ml bottles of e-liquid for $14.99.  If you don’t subscribe, the newsletter is worth a look as it often features informative technical articles.

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