1. excelent revies, very useful

      1. I have elips and I like the shape of it. Mine must be faulty as it is erratic when it does work it is very good but often the battery light does not come on and I have to keep pressing the button to bring it back into action.

        Thank you for your detailed review

        1. Author

          It almost sounds like the on/off feature is being activated. Sometimes if I vaped too quickly I'd set it off, and it would take me a minute to realize what I did.

  2. I bought this as a first device because I'm new to vaping. I went for the difference of look to other ones available. I find it that it's ok BUT what I really need is more of throat hit and and more power! I'm looking for a better solution now.

    1. Author

      Since you don't seem too concerned over a device looking like a cigarette, you might want to look at some of the mods out there. The Lavatube or ProVari might be interesting options because you can dial in the power to meet your needs.

      Also keep in mind the nicotine content and PG content in your e-liquid also play a big role in the amount of throat hit you'll get

    2. You can go to vapedudes and customize the vg and pg amounts in your ejuice…i do believe the VG produces more throat hit. coupon vapedudes=40% for first time buyers and if you just want to try them out use fbfree as code and they will send you a free bottle of your choice. I have a V4L…I find the draw is very hard…an Apollo…pretty darn good ecig…draw is too easy is only drawback, I like the hot vape…but my fave is my Ego. i have only been vaping 2 or 3 weeks…so I dont know A LOT about the different brands. I almost went with the Elips…glad I didnt. Their company isnt the friendliest either.

      1. Author

        They have good stuff. If you\’ve already used the 40% off, check the coupon section under the vendors and savings menu above, I have a reusable 25% off code as well :)

  3. I have found with mine that it's messy and oily and every now and then I get this burnt and oily taste (if that makes sense) and my tank is only 1/2 empty. I'm also not able to find the tanks for it. No one sells them. Only sell the Ovale.

    1. Author

      Yeah it seems to me that this model just never took off for some reason. I don't think the Ovale versions were very popular either. It's a good idea and I'd love to see a version 2 come out to fix the oddball issues. It's a fantastic device for pocketing, but there's a few issues with it.

      1. I'm able to find tons on the ovale so I'm thinking about swithing. It's basically the same but easier to find tanks and other parts.

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