As I have been writing articles for this site, it’s occurred to me that I’m not exactly welcoming to people new to electronic cigarettes.  I tend to use a lot of jargon and gloss over certain things that are likely very daunting to someone just starting out.

It’s not that I do this intentionally.  I’ve only been at this stuff three months myself.  It’s just that I end up writing about things that have my current attention, and being a bit of a gadget hound, that means I’m using all kinds of unusual cartomizers and early adopter gear.

Still, I don’t want to leave new vapers out in the cold.  So, rather than reinvent the wheel and write a series of articles for those just starting out, I’ll let others who have done some excellent work in that department do the talking.  Below are some links to some of the available resources.  This list isn’t extensive, but it has a few sites I know about off the top of my head.

The Electronic forum (ECF) at is a massive site with resources for vapers of all levels, a must read!

New to Vaping? at

Illustrated Guides to Electronic Cigarettes at

Links to many video guides for users of all levels at

The Beginners section over at has a bunch of great articles. hosts some good general info, some links are outdated, however.

the eCig Wiki is an evolving wiki style resource for electronic cigarette topics.

How to Vape is a site that tells you, well, how to vape.  Lots of really good well organized information

You may also like:  V2 Adds a Bunch of Stuff to Clearance Section (DOTM)

Electronic Cigarettes Godsend or Garbage on provides a good overview on e-cigarettes.

UK e-cigarette retailer ECigarette Direct has a good ebook detailing the history of the devices (newsletter signup required).

I know I’ve left some great sites out.  If you have a such site (or know of one) please leave me a comment and I’ll update this post with any sites that contain original content helpful to new e-cigarette users.