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I take pride in the unique e-cigarette reviews on this site.  I think you will find some of the most in-depth, comprehensive and unbiased e-cigarette reviews on the web right here.  My review philosophy is simple. I use a product extensively, then I write about my experiences in great detail.

 You’ll find my collection of reviews here with latest posts from each category. Click the link below the category name for the full list of reviews in that category.


Featured e-Cigarette Reviews

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Innokin's Hot New iTaste MVP 3.0 Reviewed!

It's been a long time coming. Finally, Innokin's updated iTaste MVP 3.0 has been released. This is a big update to the company's wildly popular variable wattage box.  Check out the review to find out what's new in the iTaste MVP 3.0. Disclosure: This product was provided by Innokin...Read More »

iTaste VV4 Simple APV Gets Beefed Up (Review)

Innokin is a vaping manufacturer that has built a reputation by not being afraid to try something new.  That tradition can easily trace its origins back to its squared-off little personal vaporizer, the original iTaste.  The fourth version of Innokin's iTaste VV packs a number of features that may just...Read More »

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Basic e-Cigarettes

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Titan X Hybrid by ePuffer [Review]

ePuffer recently released the Titan X, which they call a "hybrid."  Essentially this means that you get a fixed-voltage battery along with a tank that features replacable sub ohm heads. We'll dive into this device in this Titan X review. Disclosure.  I received this item for review from ePuffer. ...Read More »

Aspire PockeX: Point, Click, Vape [Review]

This review covers a very basic vaping device, the Aspire PockeX.  I know it seems a little out of my wheelhouse to review some of the more entry-level devices. I feel that there's a certain segment of vapers sites like mine tend to leave out in the cold.  I always gravitate...Read More »

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Midrange e-Cigarettes (eGo & e-Cigar)

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V4L Targets Smokers: WOW Vapor V-Kit [Review]

Vapor4Life recently rolled out a new line of vaping gear.  The Wow Vapor V-Kit is a more advanced device aimed squarely at existing smokers. Check out the review for more details on this kit. Disclosure: I received this product from V4L for review.  This review contains affiliate links. You can get the Wow...Read More »

eGo One by Joyetech: Advanced Plus Simple (Review)

It's slender and boasts a simple design. Yet, this next-generation of eGo from Joyetech boasts some heavy-duty performance. Perhaps too much. I'm talking about the eGo ONE, Joyetech's latest update to the Queen Mother of vaping devices. Read the review to find out more (and get a coupon code). Disclosure: I...Read More »

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Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs) & MODs

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Augvape V200 Mod - Start your Engines [Review]

Augvape decided the world needed an advanced vaporizer styled after a car's engine block.  Why?  I have no idea.  Despite the unusual styling choice, the Augvape V200 is a capable vaporizer.  Read the rest of the Augvape V200 review to see if this mod will get your motor...Read More »

Innokin's Dynamic Duo: Arachnid and Exthermal (Review)

Innokin's been busy lately.  They've dropped a ton of products on the market, and you can expect several reviews of their new products in the coming weeks.  Up first is the company's second mechanical mod and RDA, the Arachnid mechanical mod and the Exthermal rebuildable dripping atomizer.  Let's take a...Read More »

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Ron Reviews: Organic Snake Bite, Coffee Monkey and Butterscotch Blond from Virgin Vapor

This review has been a long time coming for reasons you will understand later on in this massive manuscript .  For now I will present three flavors made by Virgin Vapor from their organic line of E-Liquids.  Organic Coffee Monkey, Organic Butterscotch Blond and Organic Snake Bite. Disclosure Ron received this...Read More »

Ron Reviews: Castle Black from Apocalypse Juice

With this review, I offer you what could be one of the very best Tobacco E-Liquids available to the vaping community. Castle Black by Apocalypse Juice  Here is the description of this remarkable flavor from the website....
"This is a deep rich Bourbon & Classic Tobacco blend for the e...Read More »

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Accessories (Cartos, Clearos, Tanks & More)

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XTAR PB2: Charge All The Things! [Review]

XTAR just came out with a new 18650 charger.  That may sound like a boring statement, but it's far better than that.  The PB2 is both an 18650 battery charger and a portable power bank for all your mobile gadgetry. 

Dual coil subohm vaping tanks have been around for ages.  Vapefly decided to take the coil thing to insane new levels.  The Fantasy tank features a sextuple coil head as one of the available coils packed in with this huge tank.  

Curious?  Read on to...Read More »

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Aviator Test Flight Review: Disposable e-Cigarettes to Your Door

Disposable e-cigarettes are not exactly a new thing.  You can find them in pretty much every gas station in the country.  Many people tend to move on to a refilable kit or more advanced hardware after they get used to the idea of vaping. For some, however, there's no real...Read More »

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