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I take pride in the unique e-cigarette reviews on this site.  I think you will find some of the most in-depth, comprehensive and unbiased e-cigarette reviews on the web right here.  My review philosophy is simple. I use a product extensively, then I write about my experiences in great detail.

 You’ll find my collection of reviews here with latest posts from each category. Click the link below the category name for the full list of reviews in that category.


Featured e-Cigarette Reviews

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Kanger Subtank - Subohm for the masses (Review)

The tank wars have been waging for a while now.  It seems like the emerging superpowers on that front are Kanger and Aspire.  This is a review of Kanger's latest bit of heavy artillery, the Subtank.  The Subtank is an interesting offering that can act as a traditional tank or...Read More »

Lemo RBA Review - Does it Live up to the Hype?

The Lemo is a large Pyrex RBA from Eleaf and iSmoka.  The product description on the VaporAlley website raved about how great this tank worked, so I had to see for myself.  You can too in this review of the Eleaf Lemo RBA. Disclosure: I received this product from VaporAlley for...Read More »

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Basic e-Cigarettes

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Racy Lil' Number: Eleaf iStick Pico [Review]

Many of the vaporizers I've reviewed and used recently have all been... huge.  Some of them more huge than others.  The ELeaf iStick Pico is a nice little break from the big boys. It seems that single-battery vaporizers have gone the way of buggy whips.   But, Eleaf's new Pico...Read More »

Subohm for the Masses the Digirette E Vapor System [Review]

Digirette is looking to turn the convenience store entry-level vape on its head. Last week, I published a piece about proper subohm setups showing up in places like Walgreens.  The new E Vapor System from Digirette also wants newbies to vape clouds, but they're taking an entirely different approach...Read More »

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Midrange e-Cigarettes (eGo & e-Cigar)

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Evod Twist II - Big 'n Simple (Review)

I admit it, I'm a junkie when it comes to direct-from-China retailers.  Where else can you buy remote control toys, aquarium parts and vaping gear all at the same place for a fraction of the price. When I was contacted by Everbuying to review a the...Read More »

iTaste VV4 Simple APV Gets Beefed Up (Review)

Innokin is a vaping manufacturer that has built a reputation by not being afraid to try something new.  That tradition can easily trace its origins back to its squared-off little personal vaporizer, the original iTaste.  The fourth version of Innokin's iTaste VV packs a number of features that may just...Read More »

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Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs) & MODs

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Cana DNA 30 APV Review - Hardcore Box

I'm a fan of Mt. Baker Vapor and I buy my all day e-liquid flavor in impossibly large bottles from there.  The company has started branching out from liquid into hardware and sell several advanced vaping devices.  This review is for the Cana DNA 30 box mod, a device I...Read More »

Copper Stingray X Review – Send in the Clones

It seems these days there are more mechanical mods and clones than there are sea shells on the beach.  Sticking with that nautical theme is the Stingray clone from Gearbest.  The question remains: does this mod stick out in a sea of clones, or is it just another fish in the...Read More »

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Ron Reviews: My Liquid ID

The list of E-Liquid manufacturers is growing at a phenomenal rate in today's vaping world and they are all struggling to be unique and create their own special niche within the market place.
While some companies will concentrate on special segments of the market like NET Tobacco or chocolate and...Read More »

Ron Reviews AK-47 by Big Bang E-Cigs

This week I bring you a review of another flavor from Big Bang E-Cigs by the name of AK-47.  http://bombsauceeliquid.com/bomb-sauce-e-liquidtm/ak-47.html  

First Impressions

This offering is from their line of premium E-Liquids called “Bomb Sauce” and was provided to me at no charge for the purpose of review...Read More »

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Accessories (Cartos, Clearos, Tanks & More)

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Ceramic Wonder FreeMax Starre Pure [Review]

FreeMax decided to ask what would happen if you put ceramic in a standard vaping tank.  Their answer is the Starre Pure, a nice looking 4ml tank that aspires to give you a high quality vape while keeping the thing from burning itself up.  Read the rest of the review...Read More »

Griffin 25 Plus - GeekVape's Mythical Tank [Review]

I have taken an interest in rebuildable tanks lately.  This is partly out of a desire to throw a ton of wattage at a tank, and having something reliable that will last a long time in the current political environment is a pretty good idea.  In that spirit, GeekVape hooked...Read More »

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NEwhere Boss Disposable eCigar - Vaping Cognitive Dissonance

I received a package from NEwhere e-cigarettes quite a while ago.  The box contained several samples of their disposable e-Hookahs (for an explanation, check out this article). But it also contained one of their BOSS disposable e-Cigars. That's...Read More »

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