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e-Liquid Review: Pink Spot Vapors Honey Cured

 This is the second installment of Jesse B’s two-part article about Pink Spot Vapors.  You can see part one here.  If you’re interested in contributing a guest review of e-liquid (or any sort of guest article) we should talk. And now I will turn it over to Jesse. — Steve K.

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Honey Cured

pink spot honey curedOut of all the flavors Pink Spot Vapors has to offer there is one I keep coming back to again and again, and one that I miss the most when it is absent from my e-liquid line up for too long.. Groans of “Honey Cuuuuurred!! Hooooney Cuuuuured!!! Wherefore art thou, Honey Cured!..” Can be heard echoing from my bedroom walls during a restless nights slumber awaiting the arrival of this yet to be rivaled Honey Cured Tobacco flavored vape.

I’m always longing for it to fill the confines of my cartomizer with its tangy, ever so slightly & pleasantly bitter, subtle honey sweetness. This bouquet is backed by a truly hard to come by, realistic, delicately dry tobacco flavor that blends together to make this a constant companion in any coupling of flavors on any given day, for any and all occasions..

I find it also mixes well with other PSV juices, as well as juices from other vendors. In all my taste testing endeavors I’ve never found a juice quite like it, nor any juice that balances out a vape pouch full of sweet juices quite so well..


This may not be a juice for beginners, since upon receiving my very first sample pack this flavor was a tad off-putting and dryer than what I was looking for at the time and I favored their regular Tobacco, USA blend, and RY8 tobacco blends. It did however always quench the urge to go back to analogs during the early stages of my efforts to quit smoking [:)]

pink spot review sample pack imageAfter awhile my palette would get far too accustomed to sweet and/or smooth flavors, and found myself returning again and again to Honey Cured Tobacco to awaken my taste buds for more sugary abuse.

This e-liquid is quite thin, which makes filling cartomizers a breeze, though drippers may find adding just a little VG to the mix by hand a little less likely for it to move so quickly to their battery connection. In addition, adding a touch of VG may satisfy those looking for a bit thicker visual cloud of vapor on the exhale. That is not to say this e-liquid is a slouch in the vapor production category, it holds up to any 50/50 PG/VG blend I’ve ever vaped, even on par and in some cases surpasses 60% VG juices that for whatever reason are shy on the visual vapor production.

This rings true for the specific top coil cartomizers I prefer on a variable voltage device, as well as on an ego style battery with a low resistance 306 atomizer on which the flavor, vapor production, and throat hit all hold firm.

The Hardware Part of the Review

I’d go so far as to say this juice shines on an eGo with a low resistance atty, when other juices fail to give up their nuances on anything outside of a variable voltage device at above 3.7, I find this juice shines anywhere from 3.4 well into the upper 4’s, and I detect the first hints of a burnt flavor around 4.9-5volts.

ego dual coil on twist

I rarely push sweet juices very far above 4 volts as they have a tendency to burn, making this juice a great choice both for weaker batteries and for those looking for a juice they can push to hotter, more analog comparable temperatures.

Last but not least would be the matter of throat and/or nasal hit. As you may or may not know, exhaling through the nose in part or even entirely may improve ones ability to taste a specific vapor’s various flavor notes.

One can also bypass the need to inhale vapor into the lungs at all by taking a drag then blowing the vapor out through your nose straight away like puff the magic dragon lol.. This will give a “nasal hit” which can be every bit as pleasant as a throat hit (dependent on personal preference) and does a pretty good job at absorbing nicotine through the nasal passages as well.

That being said and any lessons in the finer points of vaping aside, Honey Cured Tobacco e-liquid is not shy on the throat hit and has an especially pleasant and distinctive nasal exhale that should really be experienced in order to be best understood.


It never fails to give me that satisfaction in the inhale or exhale and leaves a dry, bold, but not overpowering aftertaste with no lingering, funky, or bad breath experiences once the PV is set down for a spell.. or rather IF it gets set down.. I’m currently looking for a beer helmet alternative to vaping so I can do all manner of things while still enjoying a hands free vape at the drop of a hat, so to speak..

Well there you have it, one very long, very thorough e-juice review. I’d like to take some time to review my other Pink Spot Vapors go to vapes, as there are many worth reviewing therein. I will however consider giving spotlight to the several other wonderful vendors I’ve sampled as well as some new up and comers, choosing a juice from each that sticks out amongst the bunch as my personal favorite and worthy of praise.

Submitted humbly for your approval and for the potential betterment of the greater vaping community at large. Be proud to be a vaper, and take any and all vaping scrutiny in stride and a big ole grain of salt.

Much love yall, vape on!

-Jesse B.