eCig News Item – Study Makes Huge Logic Leap

e-cigarette news trying science imageDr. Michael Siegel recently took on a new study about electronic cigarettes. The study, as the doctor pointed out was full of questionable tidbits. For example, the study pointed out that e-cigarettes have a high concentration of propylene glycol and glycerine.  That makes perfect sense since e-liquid is mostly made of those components and are generally regarded as safe, something the study failed to point out.  There were other findings that weren’t explored as well, but the biggest issue was with the study’s actual findings that e-cigarettes somehow kept its users on tobacco.  There was apparently nothing in the study to actually support the claim.

What I find interesting is how neatly the study’s findings fit into the latest tactic taken by prohibition groups. Many of these organizations have dropped the argument that e-cigarettes are actually dangerous and are instead clinging to the notion that e-cigarettes are somehow a gateway drug to actual e-cigarettes.

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