ECITA Unearths French eCig Study

Capture1 150x88 imageThe UK electronic cigarette industry group posted a translation of a recent French e-cigarette study to its blog. Well, actually an abstract. The study was fairly small but essentially reaffirms the findings in a couple of different studies that were published on e-cigarettes. The study looked at a small group of current smokers who weren’t motivated to quit (similar to Polosa’s study) to find a significant number at least reduced smoking consumption. The study also observed health improvements in its cohort (much like the Greek study) to find measurable health improvements after three months of vaping.

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This was a good find by our British friends, who point out they think even Dr. Siegel missed this one. Naturally, so did so many prohibitionists and local governments who still cling to the idea that there are no studies on the subject.

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