1. >>The other unusual thing is that the button is covered by a silicone ring for reasons I don’t get. I suppose it gives things a low-profile look. It’s easy enough to just pull the band off if it’s not to your tastes.<<

    I'm surprised they haven't done away with that silicone ring. It has been a real negative for many, myself included. That is the style of my first one from Apollo, finally cut the button off an old battery and glued it on over the button. My second one from Apollo has a steel ring with a regular plastic button, much nicer.

    On my first Apollo unit the silicone ring has a dimple on the back side that fits in a recess to push the fire button. This was the primary complaint I read against that style along with the original screw on cap to protect the USB port and the fact that you couldn't use it while charging. At least they have corrected two of the three. :) Fortunately for me neither of the two I bought from Apollo had the latter two problems, just my original purchased from another vendor that ceased to hold a charge in a short period of time, hence worthless as it couldn't be used as a pass through,


    1. Author

      You know, I didn’t realize the button was part of the silicone band until you said something. That is kind of silly.

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