1. Have certainly been happy with mine in dual battery configuration, particularly fond of the ease of tuning. Tested it for AMP rating and it's very near 4amps which is all most will need.

    My ClearMax put out nearly 5amps using the same atty and batteries. Unfortunately the tube cracked at 2 1/2 months of use and I sent it back for a credit while it was still under warranty. No I didn't drop it. :)


    1. Author

      I suppose that's the downside of the clear/acrylimax devices, not as sturdy as brass or stainless steel.

  2. Any word on 1xIMR 18650 performance? I have a pile of those batteries around and would love to pick up one of these to try if the 18650 is acceptable. I fear the answer will be "poor performance", but not having used 18350's I'm not sure what the difference actually will be.

    If this were stainless I'd be buying a pack of them up, but I'm slightly afraid that at this price range the finish will last as well as the gunmetal ZMax I've got. Works fine, looks like trash!

    1. Author

      a single 18650 would work identically to a single 18350, the only difference is the amount of storage, not the power output. I found the single battery performance pretty lackluster. Dual batteries, on the other hand, worked very well.

  3. Steve, maybe you got a dud unit then. I run the Panny 18650 IMR in mine & get loads of vapor. Also get solid performance from 1.3 Ω up. I mostly use a 'Chobra' genny on mine, but have used Vivi Novas, E-1s and Stardusts all without an issue in either VW or VV mode.

  4. My two Vamo's do remember wattage setting when turned OFF or changing batteries.

    1. Author

      It's sort of odd, it remembers wattage but not voltage.

      1. This is a safety feature to protect your coils. Because of the nature of VW there is no risk to your devices switching from say, a 3ohm to a 1.2ohm atomzier. If the same was done on the VV setting at say 6v, you'd burn up a coil if you forgot to drop the voltage.

  5. My VAMO works well with single battery. There are many reviews and threads on ecf and this is the first I have heard of the problem. Yours must be a dud.

    1. Author

      That's good to hear (well, for everyone else not me). I generally run it with two batteries, so not a huge deal that mine is a little goofy with one battery.

  6. Mine seems to work well with a single battery. It does NOT have the outer threads for cones, but it does accept the CE-4 tank. However, I’m not getting a good taste out of tanks…actually, I barely EVER have for some reason. Maybe I need to try different wattage settings. I seem to get a burnt taste when at lower wattage, tastes much better from 9.5-12 watts. I like dual coil cartomizers best for the most part from my very limited, well maybe extensive for only being into the eCigs for 2 months…..tried alot so far.

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